Are we the right fit

Are we the right fit…what to expect when working with me

Please enjoy a cuppa and take a moment to read before booking an appointment or package.healing-blog-post-feature

I have had the honour of facilitating thousands of BodyTalk and BodyMind and Soul healing sessions and Soul readings since 2001.  I encourage you to read this sharing, as you will get a sense of me and how I work, where my heart is, the process, and perhaps questions and concerns can be answered before we begin your Skype session.

I am nurturing and supportive, and I like to treat every person whether they are a relative, friend or new client, like they are the most important person.

Why - because to me, you are.


I love to inspire you with access to tools, education and techniques so you can support your own health in between your ongoing sessions.  It is up to you to take advantage of them.   You have the power within you. Yes - you do.

I won't be your crutch and fix you, who is to say that you are 'broken'.  I know how it feels to be seriously unwell, afraid, confused, exhausted, and often when people book I can feel and sense the ' fix me or save me' energy. 

We work as a team and it is also up to you to take responsibility for your own healing journey. Making your own necessary changes, whether that is your own dietary needs, exercise, daily self-love and care, meditation, making time for YOU each day, following through with regular sessions.  You did not get in your current ‘state of being’ overnight.   

I will encourage you to drink water after your sessions - hydration is important.

I don't have all the answers, but I promise to give you my best each time, knowing that I too, am a work in progress.

We each must BE the change we wish to see in your own life

Feel free to browse my Blog, dIAMonds section and YouTubes – it is all free, and I will add up new things regularly to support you. And let’s connect on Facebook too.

It is common for people to feel lighter, happier and even sometimes people cry as soon as they have booked in and paid for their first appointment. Clients often say to me they just felt like a weight was lifted, and they felt better because they realise they don't have to do it all alone. When you make your commitment to Self, healing begins.

During your sessions, feel free to cry, I encourage it, and you may also swear if that feels right for you. It is a safe place to be who you need to be, and express your experience as you need to express it.  I have heard just about everything and I do not judge. Nor do I judge by age, race, culture, religion or lifestyle choices.

Just be yourself with me as I will be myself with you. There is no hierarchy, nothing separating  us.  I am here to simply listen and assist you, so that you can heal and reconnect to all that you are.

Just let go, have patience, faith, trust, and believe. 

Breathe Beautiful Soul

I will be gentle and respectful with you, and I will be direct. At times I may interrupt you, as I intuit a process or message, and sometimes it is because I don't want you to stay stuck in your 'story', I want you to let go of it. And often time gets away and I want to get to the core layer with you, at each session. 

Two of my favourite words are 'stuff' and 'crap' and I use them to express. Not very poetic, but hey, they explain so much. We all have stuff and we have all been through crap, or are going through it still…we are on a human journey.

Crisis or Challenges (creating a space for)
Reassessment, Re-evaluation, Release (for Self)
Awareness, Acceptance,  Awakening (to reach)
Peace, Pure Potential, Purpose and our Power


I wish sospiralmeone had told me this many years ago – get out of your own way.

Results and benefits may show up in a variety of ways. Try not to self-diagnose, control, force or judge or analyse the process too much, simply allow and trust.

Ask yourself 'do I really want to change?'

Benefits and transformation examples - change in your perceptions, how you see yourself and others. How you experience life, sleeping better, better digestion, more energy, less angry or stressed, a sense of being calmer and more settled, a connection to others around you, more courage for making decisions with clarity, feeling less isolated or a sense of belonging, less fear, less anxiety, less angry, therefore happier, healthier. may notice over a series of sessions a greater sense of motivation and the physical and emotional patterns of dis-ease that you listed on your health and well-being forms are more in balance, greatly reduced or healed.

Each time we are encouraging your BodyMind to release what is unhealthy by way of emotions, beliefs, programming, traumas, energetic disturbances, unresolved past life patterns. For your body parts to talk to each other -  to reconnect faulty circuits, to find your own state of harmony and balance, and to be less on auto-pilot and in a fight/flight pattern.   Ahhh don’t you just feel calmer reading this.

Please note: If you book in expecting me to fix you, or all areas of your life, AND in one or two sessions - it might be best to choose a different practitioner (said with love).


Other bonuses are your senses can become heightened over time, ie your intuitive side (yes everyone has it within them) opens up and you become more 'in-tune' with yourself and your journey.

I will never advise you to change or stop taking medications. Please consult your doctor or health professional at all times. Changes can occur and I have noted over the years that people on cholesterol, diabetic, thyroid and other medications may need their dosages checked. Why, because healing takes place and changes take place, therefore your needs may change.

You do not have to have any special rituals before working with me.  I do not subscribe to limitations.  You can eat and drink what you like the day before, if you think alcohol, medications or wearing perfumes or eating certain foods will inhibit your healing process and affect the results they will.  Take away the rules, keep it simple.

I close my eyes a lot when I am working to 'see' and 'intuit' and be in my 'zone'. Energy and frequencies are also encoded through my eyes and dIAMond Light Language and Toning.

I actually suggest people close their eyes to fully let go and relax also. There is no need to take copious notes, you will receive everything you need by being present. 

I spend ample time explaining the information or reviewing the session with you. 

Your time with me is confidential, I often see multiple members of the same family. I do from time to time mention ' I worked with a client who was experiencing such and such and this was the outcome via ....". This is purely for examples and no names are ever given.




I share from time to time, wisdom snippets of my own personal experiences, to empower you to see that I too am human and have had to work through conflict and health stuff and the wisdom gained from the experiences. I am real and this is the way I roll.

I will encourage you to be gentle with yourself, let go of some of the rules, expectations and pressure you are putting on yourself to do it all by yourself.  Women especially are way too hard on themselves.




Please do not drag or make someone work with me, it is up to each person to make their own choices. Dragging a friend or husband/partner because you think they need fixing, usually doesn't work. Who are we to change someone’s journey, is the question I always point out.

All of my sessions are now conducted via Skype/Zoom or distance sessions where I get notes from you and an MP3 recording is sent via email that same day.  I have been specialising in distance sessions for 13 years now.  They are very powerful, and convenient to our busy full lives.

Please ‘switch off’ and unwind. Put your mobile phone on silent, as it sets an intention for the 'time' to be about you and 'time-out for yourself and your Soul'.

I look forward to hugging you via Skype as we connect as Souls.

Until we connect, receive this hug


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