Be your own guru - own your power

Own your Power – be your own Guru ?

Own your Power – Be your own Guru  On your Spiritual Journey, have you ever admired and adored someone so much that you think they are just the bees-knees? Perhaps it has been a parent or friend, a well known leader or public figure, a teacher, mentor or practitioner?  You may hang off their every […]

Compassion is Rising – can you feel it ?

Compassion is Rising – can you feel it too? Place your left hand on your heart and close your eyes. Focus on the power of your breath just for a few minutes, and listen to the beat of your own heart.   Ahh…that feels so great doesn’t it.  Compassion is within you and it is […]

Soul Songs for healing and emotional times

Do you have a go-to Soul Songs playlist?

Do you have a special go-to ‘Soul Songs’ playlist for those emotional days?    The Spiritual Journey of the Soul can be a little wobbly sometimes huh.  I really love music and can happily spend hours listening, sourcing new artists to buy for my playlists and being by myself, soaking up the vibes.  For me, […]

Native American Indian White feather

White feather speaks – Worry, Trust, Patience

White feather speaks about worry, trust and patience – June 2016  “Earthbeings you worry so much, and we feel sad when we see you worry about so many things.  You often misunderstand the chaos of matters in your life and forget the calm that will follow.  ALL that is unfolding for you is preparation for […]


Case Study – Depression, Fatigue, Headaches

Case Study – fatigue, headaches, depression, menstrual and digestive issues “Rebecca is 38, runs a small business and is married with 3 children under the age of 12. She presents with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ongoing digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, neck, disc and pain issues with her lower back, mild depression and general low self-esteem. Her […]


Benefits of Saging and Energy Clearing

Benefits of Saging and Energy Clearing Are you looking for simple, affordable tools to clear and maintain your home or office space.  Saging is a great choice. It allows for the releasing of old, stuck or blocked energy hanging around, opening up this freshly cleared space for new to enter.  Consider how much time you […]


Are we the right fit

From my many years of working with hundreds of clients and facilitating thousands of healing sessions, I have put this together. I encourage you to read all the way to the bottom before booking, as A) you will get a sense of me and how I work, where my heart is and B) the process and many questions and concerns can be answered quite simply before you arrive for your appointment.