Compassion is Rising – can you feel it ?

Compassion is Rising - can you feel it too?

Compassion is Rising within Humanitys Heart - can  you feel it. Are you choosing compassion for yourself?

Place your left hand on your heart and close your eyes. Focus on the power of your breath just for a few minutes, and listen to the beat of your own heart.  

Ahh...that feels so great doesn't it.  Compassion is within you and it is rising.

With social media, television and radio we are bombarded daily with the news of the chaos, turmoil, shootings, child abuse, natural disasters and wars in the world - I agree it is horrible. I am quite sensitive myself and rarely watch the news or listen to the radio, but it shows up on my Facebook news-feed. It is easy to perceive the 'mess of the world' - yet there is always a bigger picture unfolding for all of us on Earth.

What I have noticed is a huge rising up of human empathy and compassion over the last 10 years.  Have you noticed that through mass shootings, the tragedy of 911, the many hurricanes, tsunamis, abductions and abuse to children, investigations into the church - that people are coming together as one, for the greater good of their community, for loving and honouring other humans like never before.  It is really quite beautiful.

Hearts are opening, expanding, rising up and people are fighting for change, justice and something to shift.  People are expressing out-loud and through these world experiences, we are being given the gift of releasing our own cellular pain, suffering and woundings.  Old memories and past life patterns that may have been triggered within our own Soul blueprint can be shed.

New Soul friendships, sisterhoods, tribes and loving bonds are forming through people coming together, to be apart of this consciousness change.  Perhaps you have been involved in this change.

Humanitys' heart IS awakening more deeply as we come together with acceptance and love of our fellow human.  Despite skin colour, age, race, religion, and lifestyle choice, we all have the same coloured blood, liver, spinal column, same veins and artieries, and ofcourse we each have a beating heart that functions in the very same way.

As I was typing this blog, I took a break to make a cup of tea and browse Facebook. A friend had shared this perfect Herman Munster video. So I share the powerful simple message with you too.




When we spend time in mastery of the compassion for our own SELF, the more the heart beat of Mother Earth and humanity will feel the effects of our own inner work.

You want to make a difference in the world? Yes?

Heal your own heart, your own wounds, your own pain - get comfortable in your own skin and this is what makes an incredible and vital difference to the consciousness of the Planet.

We are here to light up the world with our magnificence and despite the obvious stuff going on in the world, the more we clean, facet and polish our own inner dIAMond, and shine our light in our own unique way - we are BEing the change we wish to see in the world.

I would love to hear your thoughts on compassion rising.

Gratitude, Grace and Love


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