How does Distance Energy Healing work ?

How does Distance Energy Healing work ?

Now and then I am asked ‘ how does your distance energy healing sessions work’.

Every-thing in the Universe is Energy

distance-healingIt is exciting that Quantum Physics is now revealing more evidence on the power of energy healing to the scientific world, yet Medical Intuitives, Energy Healers, Shamans etc have not only known this, but practiced it for centuries. Without getting too scientific...we are ALL connected through the Zero Point Field energy and as everything in the Universe is Energy, and WE are Energy – everything is therefore powerfully connected.

Time and space does not truly exist at a quantum level, therefore healing via distance at energetic levels is not limited either.

You are a dynamic web of interactions, and a storage system

Your BodyMind, energy systems and cells are like a filing cabinet storage system. Holding the records of unhealthy or negative beliefs, trauma, injuries, environmental damage, past life, karmic, inherited patterns, imbalances and so forth. 

The BodyMind is one (1) thing – it is connected and the Body influences the Mind, the Mind influences the Body.Cutting-edge Energy Medicine and powerful Intuitive healing tools can sort through the ‘story of you’ - defrag, declutter, refile, rearrange and reorganise at an energetic level. This powerfully allows all of YOU to be brought into a better, natural state of harmony and balance.Ease is the opposite of dis-ease. As you address the whole BodyMind complex - the result is a ‘shift or change’ to a new vibration, frequency, and ‘level of ease’ for you. This I often on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level for your health and wellbeing.

Here is an example of past client and her liver

Susan was 34 at the time with 2 kids under the age of 7. She was exhausted, angry, frustrated and did not feel herself. She was trying to fill her unhappiness with online shopping, and drinking alcohol nightly, to numb the pain of the disconnection with her husband. Her self-hatred was escalating, and she had digestive issues, bloating, weight gain and a painful irregular menstrual cycle. She felt ‘all over the place’ and was starting to get more regular headaches and felt irritable and moody all too often. Some days she was so angry she said she would erupt, but just needed a good cry…yet there never seemed any time, or anyone to listen. She just wanted someone to hug her and love her. After a thorough wellbeing assessment, I began to tune in.

I was firstly led to her Liver to gather the puzzle pieces. I could see, feel, hear and know the energetic story. Firstly I discovered that her liver had inherited chemical toxins from her father who had been a farmer, the toxins he was storing at her conception were passed down and stored in her liver. The liver was not processing the toxins. Her liver was holding anger relating to feeling abandoned by her mother as she had to go back to work whilst she was quite young. There were Soul memories from a past life injury and another life as a slave where her Soul felt he had no choice, no voice and was mis-treated physically and disempowered. Her liver was clogged with e-motional upsets from childhood, feeling separate, alone, some bullying because of her perceived ‘ugly-ness’, teasing from her brother and a particular memory of having no-one to play with, crying and alone on the playground at age 7. This was expressing itself NOW in her life as a pattern of feelings of not belonging in groups, at her work place, and fear of speaking up at work and with her husband, asking for what she wanted. She tried to be invisible and kept to herself, yet this ‘story’ and pain was festering. It was upsetting her digestion, and she was angry at the smallest things, projecting it onto her kids, then feeling more anger, then guilt for being a ‘bad mother’ if she lost her temper. Her liver was in a state of chaos, dis-ease and general dis-harmony with these ‘held’ contributing factors.
There was more to her full session, this is an excerpt of addressing the ‘ whole story ‘ being revealed unique to each person.

Using my toolbox, with Spirit and my Guides, a healing and clearing took place to allow Susan’s liver to regain its ‘ease’. This also allowed for a shift and a change in patterns in every other cell of the body. Not just isolated to the liver. Because the liver speaks to every other part of the BodyMind and every cell communicates to every other cell. When the liver was given a new state of awareness, and direction – it was able to make the changes and ‘reflect out ‘ these changes to the rest of the BodyMind on a cellular level.

Sendings hugs and love

Another concept to consider for ‘how distance energy works’  is when you are thinking of a loved one and sending them the energy of love or hugs. Often when both parties ‘know’ this connection is taking place – they feel it - something happens. Because the very nature of the ‘direction and focus or attention that is taking place = Everything is Energy.  

If a Healer, Shaman or Intuitive, working with Energy is aware of these connections at the consciousness level, they ‘get’ that the effect of distance healing is not limited or separated by time or space. Their tools or gifts will be to tap into the person and do their healing processes and the client is the one healing themselves.

When I tune in ( see, feel, hear, know ) to your our frequency, blueprint, energy, I can tap into the ‘whole matrix ‘  that is all of you, on all levels to ‘receive’ my information – unique to YOU.

I hope this gives you insights into the power of the BodyMind and Distance Healing.  

I look forward to supporting you on your Journey.

Faith in action is Love – and Love in action is Service – Mother Teresa


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