FAQ’s for Return to Grace Membership

FAQ's for the 'Return to Grace' Membership

What happens after I Join?

 Return to Grace with Vanessa Sumner 
Once you have confirmed your Membership through the Paypal payment gateway you will receive a Welcome link back to my website, with a link to Request to Join the FB Community.

Facebook Closed Group - Please ask to Join and I will add you in and welcome you.    Please READ the Pinned post and familiarise yourself with the #hashtags we use. Hashtags help us Search topics and keeps the space tidy and flowing.

Introduce YourSELF - using the #IAm please share a little about yourself. Perhaps where you live in the world, what inspires you, and anything about your Spiritual Journey and BodyMind and Soul.

Group Healings via Livestream/Zoom
- keep an eye out for the DATES. I will post this in the group.

Quests - I will post the Quest/s we are doing using the #.

Scroll - feel free to scroll through the group and connect with others. You will see videos, Light Language activations and other posts that contain tools and techniques, for your health and well-being support. It is a treasure trove of offerings.

Files Tab in the FB group - please grab a cuppa and check this out. I reguarly add articles and information under the files TAB that relate to the energy of our space.

My Membership - Am I locked in - What is the Refund Policy?   
You are in charge - you self manage your monthly payments via PayPal subscription. At any time if you decide that membership is not for you, it is your responsibility to cancel the subscription. Monthly members are not entitled to a partial or full refund of any remaining weeks, if you decide you do not wish to see the month out.  

  • For non-payment of your monthly subscription, you and I will receive a notification via Paypal.  This could be because you choose to end your journey with the group, or because your credit card has expired for example.  In this event you will be manually removed from the group, and unable to access the space. You can at any time set up your subscription and join the space.  
  • Membership can be cancelled without notice should you breach any of the guidelines, and you will not be entitled to a refund. 

FULL DISCLAIMER POLICY: http://www.vanessasumner.com/disclaimer

RTG is NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, financial, or psychological support. It is designed to support and guide you with education, tools and energetic balancing. Each members experience is unique.

Gratitude, Grace and Love


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