Heart and Soul stuff about me

Heart and Soul stuff about me

From the chrysalis stage of growth and cellular change, introspection, inner healing, to the birth of the beautiful butterfly, sees the emergence of a symbol of change, freedom, beauty, new beginnings and of course the 'Metamorphosis' Vanessa Sumner

  • I am a Cancerian, with my Sun in the 6th house, an Aquarius rising, and a few planets in Virgo. I was born to be of service, to learn through ‘health issues’ and to help others, weaving my innate gifts of a Priestess and Shaman from Ancient times, with my Scorpio aspects of my Divine Blueprint, natal chart.
  • heart-n-soul-stuff-aboutmeI am highly intuitive, nurturing, sensitive, sometimes quite introverted, with a huge heart.
  • I have a hubby, 2 amazing daughters, and a few fluffy puppy dogs.
  • I love, love, love crystals and I am blessed with a huge collection, and had the joy of hand selecting and retailing them for over 12 years.
  • I currently have a vision impairment and it is a work-in-progress. I am truly grateful for the little things in life because they matter the most. This situation as changed my life in many ways. It has taught me a lot about myself, that less is more, and to be in the gift of the present moment. It has taught me strength, courage, patience, trust and faith.
  • I have designed and created gardens, decorated and painted several homes, designed my own jewellery collection and used to hand make gift and birthday cards for shops and, back in the day.
  • I am a real home-body, love being in my pyjamas, watching tv series, reading, and I have a huge music collection.  I can go for days without leaving the house, it is my sanctuary. I have never travelled (yet) and I need a lot of quiet time and space on my own to refuel and connect with my Guides.
  • I am fascinated with the BodyMind, Healing, the Universe, Past lives, Ancient Wisdom and the Science of Spirituality…among many other things.
  • I awakened within, toning and singing Light and Healing Language a few years ago. It feels different each time and I see and sense information and deep healing as I bring this through. Clients have shared incredible messages, healings and experiences.
  • I love colour, rainbows, jewellery and art.

My name Vanessa means 'Butterfly' and I have always had a huge affinity with the beauty, freedom, joy and metamorphosis cycles of this beautiful creature.  It was only natural that during the many twists and turns of my own life so far - I discovered my wings and my Intuitive Gifts and what makes my own Heart Sing.  This I bring to my work and healings, and of course my life.


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