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You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously – Elizabeth Gilbert

BodyMind and Soul Services

Beautiful dIAMond Soul, by now you have devoured my Work with me page, or you have been connecting with me via Facebook. You are so ready for deep BodyMind and Soul support, higher Guidance wisdom from me and the Star Team of Spirit helpers.

You are a Soul on a Human Journey, a divine expression of Light....and this often wobbly path has you needing Energy Medicine, healing for your health and emotional well-being from someone who has walked the path, and is navigating the Awakening Path.

Or you would like a Soul Reading and Guidance with a dash of healing and Light Language Activations to bring clarity and support to your Life and Purpose for the Now.  Perhaps you would like me to connected with a Loved one that has passed.  This can bring you Peace and Clarity and resolution by answering your questions about your Souls Journey.

All new clients start with a 90 minute BodyMind and Soul Session.  Over the past 17 years I have found that to offer you my best, bring through the energy frequency of the Spirit Team, use my vast Toolbox,  dig deep into your Whole health and Soul Self as we begin a very special journey together - 90 minutes is key.

Otherwise we are rushed and I don't do things by halves.  My Heart and Soul is with You - allowing you time to share and ask questions and receive Mentoring - anything less really does you a dis-service.  I work with Spiritually conscious people over a Transformational process, so we are best to start the magic by thoroughly diving into the essence of 'where you are at'.

Simply choose the 90 minute option, and when you book, just pop a note in to say if you want the Soul Reading option (so I don't send you health forms to complete).

Click from the Images to Discover More about how you can Work exclusively 1:1 with Me.

If you have any questions about what best suits your personal needs, please contact me or phone me on 0408 493 873 during business hours 11am to 5pm Brisbane AEST .  If you are ready to book, you can follow the booking link to choose a date and time.  All of my sessions are conducted by distance via Skype/Zoom. Please check out my  'Return to Grace '  - Exclusive Facebook Membership Community Coming Soon - New Website ( hopefully by May 2018) with lots of Tools and Cosmic support + Soul Spectrum Alignment Codes - Aligning you to the Cosmic Spectrum

Faith in action is Love – and Love in action is Service – Mother Teresa


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