BodyMind & Soul Intuitive – 90 mins session

BodyMind & Soul Initial Consultation & Healing Session  – 90 minutes + Bonus

Vanessa, I want to support my Health, E-motional Well-BEing and my Awakening Soul Journey  

Help me to begin a healing and Transformational process, to gain clarity of core patterns, repair cellular damage and release unresolved Soul wounds.

I want access to Peace, to come Home to my Heart and to Accept my Self, knowing I am Enough.  

Beginning our Journey together

You are here because it is TIME to honour your Whole Health and Soul Self - am I correct?

You want an Intuitive Guide to offer support, wisdom, guidance and tools !

And you want to release, repair, realign, reconnect, recalibrate, refuel, remember the Truth of who you are and why you are here.   Beginning a healing journey with me is not just about feeling good, and restoring harmony in your BodyMind and Soul. It is so much more !

It is about anchoring you on the Earthplane, helping you Remember your Grace, See your Light as you Awaken your Heart to all that is your unique Potential.  Helping you align more fully 'in each moment' with the magnificence and magic of who you are.

All New Clients start here 

A full 90 minute consultation and healing, offers you time to share, ask questions, and me and the Team to work with my Toolbox and support you with Mentoring and tools, as we begin to explore your many layers and Soul Blueprint. BOOK YOUR TIME NOW  If you have come to this page you are no doubt experiencing some ongoing several physical and emotional, or ongoing health challenges.  Your Soul is also Seeking ! You may also be smack bang in the middle of your Kundalini Awakening process ( ages 40-44), or other Spiritual energy funky stuff. I am your girl, I get you, I can help, guide and support you over time.  Have you been undergoing lots of medical tests, on medications and have worked with other alternative therapies, but you (k)now there are missing puzzle pieces.    Quick fixes often lead to basic changes in your circumstances, a bit like a band-aid that covers up the festering wound, but doesn't really heal to the core of the problem.  Now that won't help you in the long run, will it !  

Exclusive Bonus when you book your first consultation with me :

Receive a powerful tool and technique to support the health and well-being of your 3 Brains.  Your head, heart and gut brain health, have a huge influence over your emotional and physical well-being.

I Gift you exclusive access to a special recorded video, walking you through the toning technique process that you can bring into your health-care and Soul self-care routine daily.  It is truly Amazing.  I want you to have Free Tools and I want you to feel Empowered as you walk your Path.

My Guides & Star Light Team - the Multi-Faceted Soul approach

Not only do you get all the benefits of my 17 years experience, working with thousands of clients all over the world with Energy Medicine, BodyTalk, Crystal Medicine and Intuitive Healing - you Receive the benefits of my Gifts as a Channel with Spirit, my special Guide - White Feather, and my Star Team...which is kinda like a Collective of thousands of Star Beings, Angelics, Masters, Deities, Galactic representatives and Light workers.  And...sometimes even your deceased loved ones will wish to connect and offer guidance and healing support too.   

During your 90 minutes your BodyMind and Soul will reveal to me what are the priorities to be addressed, and each session is tailored to your specific needs. No two sessions are the same for any person, because you are unique and so are your healing needs.  No text-book approaches allowed !


Let’s begin 

Your session is conducted via distance with Skype or Zoom - globally.  ( I do not offer in-person sessions )

After you 'integrate' this session for a few weeks, we can continue powerfully supporting your needs with one of the Heart and Soul Transformation packages.

  • Follow up sessions are for 60 minutes.  You can book these sessions one at a time, please note the pricing is at different rate to those offered in Packages to support you over a committed Journey.
  • Note: If you are past client and you have not had a session with me for 12 months you will be required to choose a 90 minute consultation, unless you are a member of my Return to Grace Community.

Cost is $275.00 AUD (inclusive of GST)

BOOK NOW or contact me to discuss your personal needs

Faith in action is Love – and Love in action is Service – Mother Teresa


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