BodyMind & Soul Intuitive Follow up – 60 mins session

BodyMind & Soul Intuitive Follow up – 60 mins session

Vanessa, I want my health, e-motional stuff and Soul supported

Help me to continue my journey of physical healing and emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Know that you are a work-in-progress, so be kind and patient with your SELF. This booking option, is a follow-up to your first 90 minute consultation and session.  If you have several physical and emotional, or ongoing health challenges, it is important to follow through, just like you would going to the gym, or changing your dietary regime.  Understanding that your your body requires time to process changes and growth, and can deal with only so much at each session. You did not get unwell or unhappy overnight, and rewiring your 3 brains ( head, heart, gut) and many bodily systems as it rids itself of toxins, old cellular stories and beliefs, is a process. Each of us stores years, or decades of suppressed and unprocessed e-motions and stress, held in the body.   This is why many of my clients choose my 6 session package option, as a powerful commitment to SELF.  

At each follow up healing, I will tune in to work through the layers, work with Spirit Guides and my Energy Medicine Toolbox to help you clear, let go and repair. 

Your BodyMind will reveal to me what are the priorities to be addressed, and each session is tailored to your specific needs. No two sessions are the same for any person, because you are unique and so are your healing needs.

Let’s begin

All of my sessions are conducted via distance with Skype or Zoom - globally.

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What you may experience after a series of sessions

  • From my experience, a series of sessions approximately 2-3 weeks apart, over several months, will allow for deep cellular healing and change. Many clients experience changes after each session on varying levels.  As each persons needs are unique, it depends on your current situation, as to how many will be required.
  • Further follow up sessions are for 60 minutes

Cost is $222.00 AUD  (inclusive of GST)

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