BodyMind & Soul Packages to support your Heart & Soul Transformations

BodyMind & Soul Packages to powerfully support your Heart & Soul Transformations

I want my Body and Mind to heal deeply, I want to reconnect to my Self
I want to heal karmic patterns and energetic blocks at the Soul level
and I want to honour my Return to Grace

I am Ready to let go, and to embrace the imperfections of my unique perfection

Vanessa, I want your support, nurturing and empowering guidance as I release, transform and evolve


2 Options to work exclusively with Me - 3 or 6 sessions.

These packages are offered after your first 90 minute full consultation and healing. I know you are here because you want to journey deep into your Self.  You loved your first consult and healing, we began to dig deep, you sensed the Energetic Alchemy and transformed just learning about the how your BodyMind and Soul is storing emotional, past life, ancestral and damaged cellular memory.  A week or 2 has passed and you are ready for more - you want change !


You want to continue supporting all of YOU - because you are worth it.

Your continued Quest here on Earth just like mine, deserves the best possible version of You !

By choosing your 3 or 6 session BodyMind and Soul package, you are ready to be supported, and receive higher guidance wisdom and Spiritual Mentoring.  My Team and with my toolbox, will help you to heal, repair, recalibrate and realign your Energy FREEquenSEE.

Your Exclusive Bonus for 3 session package

1- High Frequency dIAMond Light Language Channel to support your healing and Souls Journey.

 Investment in your BodyMind & Soul is $585.00 AUD (inclusive of GST)

Your Exclusive Bonuses for 6 session package

1- High Frequency dIAMond Light Language Channel to support your healing and Souls Journey.

2- Channelled Meditation Audio mp3

3 - An exclusive Channelling from my Return to Grace Membership Community - from the month you choose this package

Investment in your BodyMind & Soul is $1170.00 AUD (inclusive of GST)

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These packages are for you if you want help with the big picture of your current situation. We began a process, but you are ready to get serious and really cut to the core of some big 'stuff'.   So if  you are experiencing several physical and emotional challenges, a package commitment is the best option for healing over time. Perhaps you are going through a major life or personal transition, in active Kundalini Awakening, or undergoing medical tests.  You may be on medications and have worked with other alternative therapies, but you know there are missing puzzle pieces.  This is my specialty !


You know the value of regular healing and you value your Quest on Earth, and FREEing up your BodyMind and Soul of cellular damage, ancient records, emotional events, pain, wounds...stories that no longer serve you, your life and your Soul.

You want to Awaken you Heart, feel Lighter and connect with the Divine within your own Being.

At each 60 minute session, I will tune in, work with Spirit, Guides and Energy Medicine and Healing Toolbox to help you clear, let go and repair. This often includes encoded light frequencies I bring through with my dIAMond Light Language Transmissions.  These activations are very powerful and supportive for Awakening Path.

Your BodyMind will reveal to me what are the priorities to be addressed, and each session is tailored to your specific needs. No two sessions are the same for any person, because you are unique and so are your healing needs.

Guess What ?....this package also applies to your BIZ.

Are you feeling disconnected from the Truth of why you are here to Serve?

I can tune-into the Energy Blueprint of your Business, the beliefs it holds, see, feel, know and hear into the energetic organs, endocrines, brain and spine of your biz to find the blocks, unresolved past life issues, ancestral patterns and e-motional imbalances.     Feel free to discuss this with me - it is an amazing process that is aligned with where you on your Journey.


Let’s begin the Alchemy 

By choosing a package you honour and are co-creating with the Universe, + the YoUniverse within - a powerful commitment to your Self.  I offer continuity, connection, intuitive support, healing, higher guidance wisdom, and Spiritual Mentoring over a period of time.


  • We will meet via Skype/Zoom usually every 2-3 weeks - but we will intuit this as we go, directed by your Innate Wisdom.
  • Compassion + Empowerment is Key - I offer you a very supportive, nurturing and Intuitive service.  
  •  All of my sessions are conducted via distance with Skype or Zoom - globally. Sessions are not recorded, however if you need to take notes I will advise any important messages or Guidance for you to action - so have a pen and paper handy.

Terms and Conditions

(a)  Prepayment in full is required for this package and session dates and times are arranged. Refunds are not given once we begin the session package.

(b)  Sessions are usually 2-3 weeks apart, depending on your needs. We will discuss this at your first 60 minute session.

Faith in action is Love – and Love in action is Service – Mother Teresa


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