Intuitive Soul Reading and Guidance – 60 mins

Intuitive Soul Reading and Guidance - 60 mins

I Am a Intuitive BodyMind and Soul Healer, Channel and Grace Guide, for those on a conscious Awakening path. 

I use my tools as a Medical Intuitive, BodyTalk practitioner, Crystal Medicine, Past Life therapy, Sound and Energy Healing.  I am Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant, and a dIAMond Light Language Channel. I am here to support your physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health, and well-being - as you navigate your Journey of Returning to Grace.

I offer you a pathway to Compassion, for seeing the Truth and Light of who you truly  are. I offer Heart and Soul transformations for Human dIAMonds who are ready to Awaken to, and embody their Light.


- Are you at a crossroads, stuck in a rut, or lost connection with yourSELF?

- Do you want clarity, guidance, and Spiritual support to help you through a bumpy chapter in your life?

- Are you wanting to hear messages from Spirit to help you understand, and clear recurring patterns in your life?

- Do you want someone to see, feel, hear and know what your Soul is wishing to share, to support your health and emotional well-being?

During my Soul Readings,  I use my  'subtle senses' (seeing, knowing, feeling, hearing), and I work with Spirit, and my 'A' team of Guides, to bring through messages, support and grounded guidance for you, for the NOW.  You will not receive any diagnosis or 'bad news', or anything that 'limits' your Pure Potential.  

As you are unique, so is your Souls Blueprint, and therefore, your reading.

I may also receive messages through Light beings, Masters, Goddesses, pets, or deceased loved ones. I rarely need the use of cards/oracle, as I tune deeply into your BodyMind and Soul.   I will bring clarity for what you are seeking guidance on, such as Past life karmic patterns, unresolved issues in relationships, and see into your body with my Medical Intuitive gifts. I provide this information for your  health and well-being. Many of my clients who initially have a Soul Reading, book a BodyMind and Soul session to support and heal, with the information I bring through. This allows for changes at the cellular level to occur at deeper levels. It is always fascinating for both myself and the client to see how it comes together.

- My readings are part messages, guidance, mentoring, compassion, nurturing and reminding you of your Souls gift of being here, at this significant time on Earth.

Feel free to read the About me section, as I share my Journey over the last 20 years.

I create and hold the space and energy for healing when we meet via Skype.


- Unlike other readings you may have experienced, I am told that I cover twice as much in my 'full throttle'  60 mins. Who wants basic and fluffy when they get a reading - not me.  And this is why I record it for you to review and receive further support and healing.   Many of my Soul Reading clients say ' it is like a coaching and mentoring session + reading all rolled into one'.  Kapow !

- All Soul Readings and BodyMind and Soul sessions are conducted via Skype/Zoom via distance.

Investment is $222 AUD (inclusive of GST)

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Faith in action is Love – and Love in action is Service – Mother Teresa


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