Natural Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy Package

Natural Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy Package

This package includes your full 90 minute Natural Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy Consultation, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healing session, followed by 5 x 60 minute sessions.  You can see me in person or we can work via Skype.

Perhaps you have had an introductory 30min session with me, and you want an Intuitive exploration of the bigger picture of you.

If you have miscarried, or are considering, or already undertaking IUI or IVF treatment, this is a great option for you. Have you undergone medical tests, have other ongoing health issues, tried other alternative therapies, but you know, there are missing puzzle pieces to your fertility and conception challenges.  Is the stress, overwhelm, grief and loss through miscarriage/s or failed IVF attempts, taking its toll on your physical and emotional body, and relationship?  I can support you.

A series of regular sessions to uncover the energetic, cellular, physical and emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, or challlenges will allow for changes within your BodyMind and Soul, on many levels. You are making a commitment to the ‘self’.  This is an investment in you, and we work as a team as we address your layers.

At each session, I will tune in, work with Spirit, Guides and Energy Medicine and Healing Toolbox to help you clear, let go and repair. 

Your BodyMind will reveal to me what are the priorities to be addressed, and each session is tailored to your specific needs. No two sessions are the same for any person, because you are unique and so are your healing needs.   

Let’s begin

Packages to work on our ‘onion layers’ are always popular. By choosing a package you will receive continuity, connection, intuitive support, healing, guidance and mentoring over a period of time.

  Bonuses and Benefits when you choose this package

  1. Unlimited email support for brief questions and updates relating to your health and journey.
  2. An additional Free 30min Skype session. This can be taken 4-6 weeks after the completion of the initial 6 sessions.
  3. A personalised, high frequency dIAMond Light Language activation and Soul Song that I send via MP3. This is approximately 10-20 minutes long, and very powerful. You can listen to this as often as you wish, for repeated healing and light codes.

Let’s do it

  • We will meet fortnightly and schedule several, or all of the appointments at the start.
  • I offer you a very supportive, nurturing and intuitive service.
  • Sessions can be in-person or via distance on Skype. *Introductory session is not a pre-requisite.
  • I specialise in distance sessions 

What you may experience during and after a series of sessions.

Terms and Conditions

(a)  Prepayment in full is required for this package and session dates and times are arranged.

(b)  Sessions are to be scheduled fortnightly and completed within 12 weeks (unless there is an emergency)

(c)  Bonus 30min session is to be taken within 6 weeks of completing the package.

Thank you Vanessa

Cost is $1222.00 AUD  

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