Natural Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy

Natural Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy

Safe, gentle, healing and healthcare options that is unique to you

Firstly, I would love you to meet just a few of the beautiful beings that have come into the world to make their difference. It has been both a pleasure and honour to help their mums and dads, and support the beginning trimesters of their journey in the womb, pre as well as post birth. Grab a cuppa and discover how I can help you with your needs. Please enjoy the detailed information, testimonials and sharing from mums below. It would be an honour to assist you during this time.

Nate Ethan  
Nate Ethan  

One couple shares that after trying for 18 months to conceive, and just 5 sessions with me they have a beautiful baby growing and blossoming. Read more

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Siann James (37 weeks)


James (37 weeks) 

Linkyn Rivers




Areas I may help you with – the mum and dad

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From the daily stress of your life which can be a huge contributing factor, to healing after miscarriages, hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, fibroids, imbalanced menstrual and ovulation cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), sperm, mobility and other male related conditions. I can also work with you, in combination with your specialists, if you are undertaking IVF and Embryo Implantation processes, or sperm donation – to healing any emotions from past terminations or past life influences that may be blocking your fertility, conception, holding the baby to term or fears around your birth or birth trauma.


I can assist you in person or via distance, Skype anywhere in the world. And, the best thing is - there are no medications or invasive procedures.

Who I work with and FAQ’s

I love to assist people who are open to a natural and wholistic approach to conception and fertility. With an open mind and awareness, that deep energy medicine and healing over a series of sessions, will allow for the clearing of stored emotional trauma, wounds, beliefs, stress factors, memories from this and other lifetimes, and inherited factors, so the body can function at more optimal levels.

Other factors to be considered for your fertility, conception and pregnancy

Did you know that your fertility and conception does not rely on just the health of your reproductive system and hormonal balance. Every cell needs to talk to every other cell and everything in your BodyMind is connected.  As well as the 12 main systems in your body, you have chakras and meridians that are integral to your health and conceiving and housing a baby to term. Your current state of mind and stress, as well as your own foetal life experience and birth, can play a part in your fertility.  At each session I will tune in and listen to what your body needs at the physical, emotional, mental, DNA, inherited and spiritual levels.  I tailor the session uniquely to YOU, as there is no one with your DNA or cellular memory.


How we will work together -  the Toolbox 

During your sessions I combine my toolbox of 15 years as an Energy Medicine - BodyTalk Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer, my connection to Spirit and Guides and much more, to support your whole health and whole self.  This allows me to tune-into your BodyMind to discover what ‘stories or held memories’ need to be cleared, so you can heal and repair naturally, to create the best space to conceive, hold, grow and birth your baby.  

Did you know that the physical and e-motional health of you and your partner at conception is also quite important. It actually has a great impact on the child’s health in later years.  This is why so many couples work with me for conception, and continue with regular sessions throughout the pregnancy. It is however, not necessary for both partners to have sessions with me, this is just an option.

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