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  • Your information and privacy is very important to HST and we understand and respect that you may have concerns about maintaining your strict privacy. So you can rest assured that any information that you provide is kept secure and confidential.
  • We do not collect personally identifiable information on our web site or otherwise unless you choose to give it to us via an electronic mail message, a phone call, by registering or subscribing, or via the purchasing of products on the site.We may gather information on what pages our visitors and consumers access or visit, and this is for the purposes of updating and improving the content of our web pages and information to best serve you. 
  • We will not sell, rent, share or otherwise distribute or disclose mailing lists or other personally identifiable information to anyone. We maintain some records of individuals who contact us so that we may contact them at a future date. We also maintain some records that enable us to process fees that you have agreed to pay in exchange for shop items, classes, events or services. However, we do not provide this information to any other parties.

  • At HST we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure your sensitive information is safe and secure. When ordering, shopping  and entering personal information, that information is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer - industry standard protection). 
  • Please note – this page is under Copyright 2018. You must not copy paste or use any of the content for unlawful uses or use part thereof.  We are very happy that you may wish to share the articles and inspiration, however we kindly ask that you please honour and reference the author - Vanessa Sumner Heart and Soul Transformations and website when doing so.  HST will also honour and reference other authors and their URL link when sharing other inspiring and visionary writers.  You are authorized to forward/share/email articles ONLY in their Entirety without changing the information in anyway. Better still, invite your friends and loved ones to join the HST community so that they will regularly receive newsletters and sharings.

  • HST reserves the right to vary this privacy policy anytime and is subject to change without notice. The website is being updated regularly so you may wish to re-visit the site and privacy policy/legals/disclaimer.
  • As per Disclaimer - please note that all information and suggestions on this site are for educational and general purposes only and in no way replace medical advice or psychological services.  You are encouraged to make your own personal responsible choices on such matters.
  • This site may contains links and references to other sites, practitioners, businesses.  HST does not receive payments or endorsements unless specified and HST is not responsible for any interaction between yourself and these third parties
  • If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us via emailing Vanessa Sumner on

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