‘Return to Grace’ Membership Community

'Return to Grace'  Membership Community

Return to Grace with Vanessa SumnerBeautiful Awakening Soul, do you want a safe, sacred and a Soul-SiSTARhood space to Recharge, Refuel, Re-calibrate, Realign, Rejoice, and Return to your Grace ?


We are alive in a significant time of Awakening for Universal Consciousness. We are evolving every day.  Parts of our old-self are dying off, as k(new) is entering. We are rapidly shedding, lighting up, and reconnecting to our inner fire, our inner power and k(now)ing of the Truth of our Light – yes !  It sometimes feels wobbly, yes?  You sometimes feel alone, isolated, unsupported or afraid yes?   But you k(now) that real connection with Soul SiSTARS, high frequency tools and deep cellular healing support your path, YES !

My private FB paid Membership commUNITY, will assist and support your Awakening and your BodyMind and Soul.

You k(now) that when you are feeling happier and healthier, stable and grounded, you feel more in flow.

You k(now) that when you are regularly maintaining your self-care, you are kinder to yourself and this benefits you, and also your family.

Why 'Return to Grace' ?


Because you benefit from a community space -  a Soul SiSTAR-hood, as you sometimes feel alone, or ‘different’ on your path.

Your family and friends don’t always ‘get you ‘,  or speak your 'Spiritual language'.   Attending courses are great, but regular connection, health and well-being healing and self-care tools, keep you committed and supported.

All things Universal, Crystals, Quantum, Energy healing, Spirit, Light Language give you cosmic orgasms, and are TOTALLY your thing.

Grandest Version Greatest VisionYou k(now) the importance of putting yourself first, OR you want support with this.

You want to let go, dive deep within yourself and discover more of the magnificence of YOU.

You k(now) at your core that you make a difference to the world by being here at this time, but sometimes temporarily forget.

You are OK with being a work in progress, and a masterpiece at any given moment.

You real-eyes you truly are FLAWSOME, and perhaps in different stages of the k(now)ing of this !!!

You are someone that will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to be the grandest version of the greatest vision of your Souls unique expression this lifetime.

You’ve connected with me on FB, read my musings and channellings,  and thought …hmm ‘ I will have some of what she is having ‘

AND you want a sacred + safe place to Recharge, Refuel, Rewire, Realign, Recalibrate, Rejoice and Return to your GRACE.

The GRACE that shows you the way, your truth and your Light.

 Welcome HOME Beautiful Soul 

This is my Light-Ground, and I would love you to come PLAY with ME.

This is a High-Vibe place, where I will play, connect and hang out most days. Express yourself

In this paid Facebook (FB) Membership community you will have access to Me, and all things BodyMind and Soul.  We will share ‘Moments of Grace’ together.

We will heal and evolve together (as we shed cellular stories). We will practice self-care tools that support the health, of our BodyMind and Soul and our multi-dimensional experience as we connect with the New Earth, and it's higher-consciousness frequencies.

I wish to emphasise that this is NOT just another FB Group – think ‘ CommUNITY, think Transformation tools and tips, think deep healing, think self-care activities – Spiritual mentoring, like having 1:1 time with me via a group-synergy, each month’….AND

This Community aligns with you if you have plenty of time, OR you are super busy.

Why? Because you get to receive as much as you want, and give as you choose via interacting. For some it may a Resource Hub for healing and guidance, and for others it may be a daily play-light-ground.  It really is that simple 😊.

How does  it work?

Each Month you receive

 2 x Powerful Group ' Body Mind & Soul Sessions' via Facebook Livestream – fortnightly on a chosen night, usually at 7.30pm Brisbane AEST – approx 75-90 mins.

* GUESS WHAT – Energetically it is set up, so that I ‘connect in’ with ALL of you, at the time of healing.   You can go about your day as normal, if you cannot be on the live-stream. This works really well for my Overseas Soul Sistars !

*A replay goes up immediately after, so you can listen or re-listen during that month – and receive deep healing and guidance.

Everything is always in perfect order, and the themes and body areas that come up, will be relative to all of us.

* December / January schedule may alter slightly to 1 longer healing during the month.

WOW this is worth the value of the monthly $ investment alone !!!
But I want to gift and support you more ♥   

You will also Receive these BONUSES 

Permission to be Still

  • Light Language activations – depending on the current energies, and what I am guided to offer
  • Andara Healings (high vibrational multi-dimensional crystals)
  • Intuitive messages and guidance from Spirit, my guides and Spirit Storytellers
  • A Crystals of Grace Template will be set for each month and video/photos uploaded into the group
  • Crystal Talk
  • Conversations that ignite the Soul and Awaken the Heart.
  • Access to powerful Self-care tools and techniques
  • Short do-able BodyMind & Soul Quests for you to participate in – keep yourself accountable for your transformation and ‘change’.

For eg : 7 days of Soul Song, 7 days of tapping your Cortices, 7 days of short meditations, 7 days of mantra toning for the 3 Brains.

  • Learn about your BodyMind metaphysically.
  • Energy Updates – Astrological and Universal info – and how this may be affecting your BMS and reminders for the self-care, as you navigate the energetic shifts.
  • Special offers to work 1:1 with me from time to time, or when I have available appointments in my schedule.

Are you ready to become a Soul Sistar and receive regular healing and support?     All this for only $75 AUS each month – WOW !  

I welcome you Beautiful Soul Sistar - It is TIME to Awaken your Heart, See your Truth and Embody your Light

Be the change

The word Grace is a significant for me for so many reasons. And on the 13th of April 2017, myself and a client were given a profound ‘download of Grace’ during a physical 1:1 session.  It was like nothing I had experienced before.   Since that day I have had further 'Grace' downloads and high frequency 'light coded' upgrades. 

This IS a Soul-SiSTARhood Community for

Women who are dedicated and committed to their Inner SELF work.

This is a space of Compassion, co-creation and lighting-up your NEW DNA as you shed old.  You can participate as little, or as much as you wish.

A space of non- judgement, and freedom of expression - a Soul SiSTARhood.  A space to be your own Best Friend.

A space for succulent WISE women to share their breakthroughs, and blessons.

A pathway to healing, transformation and freedom, from the old ways of Being.

This is a group for women who take responsibility for their ‘stuff’.

We will k(now) we are here for ourselves, but we are also healing and owning our power, returning to Grace, for the Collective Universal Consciousness.

In this space, we do not sugar-coat Spirituality, this is not all fluffy love and light stuff.   The human journey has many twists and turns, and pathways to our individual wisdom and growth. We keep it REAL, raw an vulnerable, as we each work on our ‘stuff’.


What this Community is NOT

This is not a business space – any promotion of your business will not be accepted.  Nor is it an extension of our FB personal timelines.

This is not a space to regularly dump problems, or drama.  Sure we all have ‘stuff’ in our lives, this is being human.

You are NOT expected to have all your ‘sh*t together’ – who does.  Human dIAMonds, have many facets 😊

Further - what this Community IS

This community will have many members that may be sensitive energetically and empathically, and it is up to each person to honour their own time and space, and clear their energy fields.

We will discuss topics and tools on these subjects, and the space is always open to ask questions, or for help and support from your community in a self and community honouring way.

It is a powerful place to share, ‘heart on sleeve’, with the view to self-care, being reminded of all that you are, and YOU taking actions to support yourself.

This may be via the healings and tools I provide each month, or other support you wish to invest in, for your BodyMind and Soul.

Each member will k(now) this going in, and real-eyes the dynamics, as a place to hold space, and to allow each person to shift and transform.


Grace pathway to alchemyRETURNING TO GRACE is not to be mistaken for a quiet, serene and meditative 24/7 OM kinda life.

As we continue on our individual pathways, rediscovering the Grace of all that we are, and being able to stand in the centre of our own circle, strong, tall, flexible, knowing, self assured, courageous, empowered, with voice, with heart and being seen and in our realisation of the TRUTH of who we are….we choose to live our life in any way shape or form.

For some, Grace is fierce, wylde, free, creative, playful, exhuberant. For others it may be softer, gentler and with a different version of stillness, and subtlety.   I believe all is duality and all co-exists, in all possibilities.

You, me, we, can be any facet in any given moment of our unique expression of GRACE.  # kapow

I am so excited to be experiencing this new portal of Grace with you  ♥

Faith in action is Love – and Love in action is Service – Mother Teresa


Let's connect