Vanessa has been instrumental in empowering me to move through my physical, emotional, spiritual and mind baggage...

Let me start by sharing that what the world needs now is more Vanessa Sumners’. Seriously Vanessa is one of the most brilliant and professional energy healers and medical intuitives I have worked with. My name is Wendy Watego Ittensohn and I am a Aboriginal women from Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) on my Mother’s side and a South Sea Islander with ancestry also to an Aboriginal clan in NSW. On both sides of my family I am blessed to have healing bloods lines which go back generations. I am married with two amazing boys who are 6 and 15, and they keep me and my life busy. I am the National Program Director and co-founder of the STARS Institute of Learning and Leadership. What juices me up about the work we do, is the out of the box education and training programs we run which includes empowering people to heal their DNA and Spirits from the impacts of inter-generational trauma. Why is any of this important anyway? Because I too, even with all the gifts I have been born with, and with all the skills and expertise I have developed and gained, get stuck in, and constrained by my own past energetic patterning, emotional pathologies, spiritual contracts, genetics, and physical dis-eases – that can’t always be identified, treated or healed appropriately within the confines of our current western medical system. I prefer to work with natural, alternative and energetic practices to support myself and my family. Vanessa and I first met at a networking lunch just over 12 years ago, and we discovered that my father had also worked for her father. We clicked instantly. Since then, I have had regular healings and support from her vast, and growing toolbox. She is real and down to earth, and her dedication to her education and own personal journey, even through her own challenges, is something I greatly admire. I have observed her journey and growth and all that she offers up in service to others with joy. Her understanding of wholistic health and self-care, coupled with her gifts of using her spiritual intelligence to access ancient wisdoms, has been instrumental in empowering me to move through my physical, emotional, spiritual and mind baggage. Before working with Vanessa I was more concerned about looking good and what people thought of me. I lived a life of pretending that I had the perfect life…to the outside world Wendy’s life worked. What was going on inside was very different. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was still carrying unresolved anger from my childhood – I had grown into a closet control freak. It impacted everything including how I was as a mum, who I was as a wife, how I ran my business, and what I didn’t do to care for myself. Vanessa picked this up in my very first session way back in 2004, and I remember going into immediate and silent denial, but I pretended I didn’t. Thanks goodness I was able to learn to breathe deeply and “not take life and myself so seriously".  Now after working with Vanessa on a regular basis, my perceptions and experiences literally transform within days of having a session. It’s like my spiritual and physical DNA alters. There have been times when I have been on her treatment bed and I have experienced immediate physical shifts within my body, followed by very clear spiritual messages. Each time the STARS Institute has taken on a major contract / partnership, it’s within a few weeks following a healing and regeneration sessions with Vanessa. Her work has supported me in so many ways, for example, after the traumatic birth of my second son via emergency cesarean, my digestive and hormonal system, emotionally, family stress, clearing of past life memories and so much more. Now if I get stuck around business or personal stuff, a session and guidance with Vanessa, helps me to shift it. Vanessa is often the go-to person for both my sons and many of my extended family, when they need support for their health and wellbeing. Her ability to tune in so accurately via distance for the children and babies and with amazing results, is wonderful. She has supported children who were facing social, racial, emotional and academic challenges at school. On occasions when my children have had falls or hospital emergencies – I have contacted Vanessa and she prioritizes distance sessions. She is always there when we need her. I have added many specialty crystals and intuitively designed Jewellery pieces, lovingly chosen and made by Vanessa. I have also attended several of her classes and events over the years. Not only is Vanessa a gifted healer, she is someone I trust with my heart and soul, and call a friend. There is so much more I could say - Vanessa your Life work has contributed to my Life’s work – Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities- I acknowledge and honour you. I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge your husband and daughters for providing a space for you to Be who you are and do the work that you were Born to do. Love, Grace and Gratitude Wendy Watego Ittensohn - Brisbane National Program Director  - Stars Institute of Leadership www.starsleadershipinstitute.com

February 29, 2016

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