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Pregnant after trying for 18months in just a few sessions with Vanessa ...


My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 18 months, and we had started thinking about seeing a fertility specialist. One afternoon after being at my in-laws, we drove past Vanessa’s house and she was out the front in her garden. Something inside me made me turn to my husband and say ‘I need to see Vanessa about fertility’. The first few sessions brought out a lot of emotions, but by the 3rd session I had started to feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Not everything that came out of the sessions directly related to fertility, but had to do with my general health and well being, and where I was at in my life. Vanessa explained that there are many different connections in our body that can relate. Over the sessions I became a different person for the better, I became much more healthy,  my headaches & back pains decreased, energy levels increased,  and my stress levels had significantly reduced.

My husband commented numerous times on situations that I used to get so worked up over, that I now approached in a much calmer manner. Five sessions had passed and my husband and I had gone away for a holiday with friends when we I found out that I was pregnant. We were over the moon with joy!  Vanessa was the first person that I told as I had her to thank enormously for helping my body to get to a state where it would let me conceive.

In the early stages of my pregnancy I had become quite ill with hives, vomiting, nausea, I could barely eat and had lost 8 kgs in a short space of time. I also had insomnia and was extremely emotional and I just knew I could ask Vanessa to tune into my body to do an urgent distance session to help support me so I did. I was so stressed and fearful that I would have a difficult pregnancy, or I wouldn’t enjoy it. She gently guided me about what my body was telling me and I was able to let go and gave myself permission to trust, and also take some time off work. This was a huge thing for me as I love my work and work long hours. But I knew it was time to stop and be for a few days, to let my body heal itself and let go of some of the belief systems that were coming up for me to face. After that I felt a huge improvement.

I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and I am feeling so much better, I have conceived, and now I look forward to my pregnancy and the baby with more joy and health. I am continuing to see Vanessa about once a month during my pregnancy and I know she is always there for me with her support. NG  - Mt Cotton, Brisbane 

February 29, 2016

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