Vanessa always reminds me that I am perfect just as I am and for that I am so grateful...

After dealing with various health issues, and digestive problems for a very long time, trying so many different alternative therapies, pills and potions, I finally came across Vanessa just over a year ago.   After chatting with her, I knew she was the person for me. She has helped my life in so many ways and I refer my friends to see her to. She has been my life saver, and helped me grow and evolve so much, even my family and friends have commented on how much I've changed and how much happier I am. I booked wanting help with health issues, only to discover that over time and regular sessions, that I would release so many blocks and old stuff, even past life stuff that was blocking my life. The difference I found with Vanessa, compared to so many other practitioners, is she puts her heart and soul into her work, and always wants the best for people. She is very down to earth, she shares from her own experiences and doesn’t try to be anything she is not. She also goes above and beyond. I have had a variety of her services, and recently I couldn’t co-ordinate my roster with Vanessa’s busy diary, so she suggested a distant healing session. I so love seeing her in person, but I really needed help with something ASAP, so I said yes.

I loved the experience of distance sessions just as much, and it was really great that I could listen to the mp3 recording in my own time and go back to it whenever I needed to. I felt connected with her even though I didn’t get to see her in person. I didn’t have to take time off work or drive anywhere, which was a bonus.

The distance session was beautiful, and when she brought through her light language I loved it. I cried during one part where she guided me through a process. It was so WOW ! She also gives guidance and tools for me to support myself each time. And she reminds me that I have to step up and take responsibility for my life, but to remember to let go and not worry and try to control everything.

During sessions I just leave it all in her capable hands, I trust whatever modality or tools she feels to use is right. And every time I have a session with Vanessa she is so spot on.   It amazes me how the thoughts and worries going around in my head come out of her mouth.

Her sessions have really helped me to have more understanding as to what the underlying issues are that relate to my health problems, and by gaining more knowledge, I'm able to clear and shift a lot of issues to help me cope when life throws me curveballs.  Past lives, buried emotions, destructive beliefs  and even stuff when I was in my mother’s womb has come up in session - it is always so interesting.

I have so much more confidence, and I am setting boundaries with relationships and changing patterns in my life. I have also stepped up with my new confidence towards a career change, study and my own business in natural therapies. She always reminds me that I am perfect just as I am and for that I am so grateful.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and talents with me and everyone.  Your support is so appreciated. xox

Alycia Webb - Brisbane


February 29, 2016

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