Vanessa’s work has both spiritually and emotionally, opened up a space for  me to move forward...


My 2 brothers had been seeing Body Talk Practitioners for the past 4 years, and in awe I listened to the amazing results they were gaining. When I had hit a crossroads in my life with my career, I turned to find a practitioner in Brisbane to assist me initially help clear the fog that had set in. Daily I would wake confused, angry and sad about the life I was living. My career needed to change, as working with family was no longer an option, it was a negative working experience. I was tossing up as to whether to go back to teaching or push on with family business and benefit financially. My marriage was very unsettled and our family life felt very stressful.

I felt an amazing energy from Vanessa on the phone, and once we chatted for a while I discovered that she had a connection with my brothers BodyTalk Practitioner in Melbourne. Beautifully, when we met I knew that Vanessa was going to help with my journey towards happiness. This is totally what Vanessa has enabled me to see and experience. I have been back teaching for 18 months and am absolutely loving my job, and have some amazing things I want to achieve in the world of teaching. BodyTalk and the Intuitive healing with Vanessa has allowed me to clear through the emotional layers and has allowed me to verbalise my feelings, and be ok with me for who I am. Vanessa’s work has both spiritually and emotionally, opened up a space for  me to move forward, and stop living with fear in my life.

Physically, I have not visited the doctor during this time, as the healings have assisted in relieving any niggling illnesses that may be lurking.   

These sessions have become a part of my life that I will always hold onto, and now  with my brothers, sister in laws, nieces and cousin all experiencing the love and joy of sessions with Vanessa.

Thank you Vanessa for being a part of my life and allowing me to find direction again.


D.H - Gold Coast, Qld

February 29, 2016

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