Vanessa's knowledge of the Mind, Body and Soul is truly astounding...

For more than 30 years I have been involved in Spiritual work & have occasionally crossed paths with some incredibly gifted people who work in my field. In a world that's hankering for good, authentic knowledge that's based on years of great experience & wise teachings, it's incredibly refreshing to meet a beautiful lady whose amazing work really stands out from the crowd. I first connected with Vanessa in 2010, and as we chatted on the phone I discovered that she was ‘the Vanessa’ that several of my family members had mentioned. They had shared the experiences of the wonderful support that Vanessa was giving them for their personal healing. On top of that, I discovered we also share the exact same birthday. When we finally met in person, and she welcomed me into her home and heart, we just clicked. Vanessa's knowledge of the Mind, Body and Soul is truly astounding, a fact that has been validated by the many clients I have personally referred to see her, over the years. Here is a lady whose selfless attitude and dedication to her work attracts a level of success that few can dream of in this field. Vanessa's Intuitive gifts and knowledge are renowned throughout the alternative medicine community and it is extraordinary to see her weave her magic with her clients. She has also been through many of her own personal experiences, and I admire her continual ‘never give up’ attitude and dedication to her own journey and self awareness. If you need powerful energy healing, emotional release, with guided support for your health and wellbeing, I would not hesitate for a second, to recommend Vanessa and her wonderful services. She is a truly gifted individual who establishes a close working relationship with her clients, and guides them every step of the way on their healing journey. She comes highly recommended. David Laws
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April 4, 2016

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