Healing support after my miscarriage ... I am super grateful.

I connected with Vanessa through Facebook in January 2016. I had just been through a miscarriage and was feeling pretty low emotionally, energetically, and my body felt physically out of balance. I was also about to head off on an overseas trip with the family for a month, so I had a lot going on! My initial appointment was via Skype and Vanessa did a consultation, asking me questions relating to my current situation, life and childhood.  She worked with her guides, and various healing processes.  It was a really interesting and enlightening experience, and we finished with a discussion about what to expect over the next few days and where to go from here. I made my follow up appointment as I felt really connected to the work she was doing and I wanted to continue the exploring. I personally didn't have any profound shifts after my first session, I still felt good for having met with her.  My next appointment was just as I arrived overseas, and Vanessa did this session without me present. As I slept over the other side of the world... she did her work privately and emailed me a recorded summary of all the detailed information, guidance and messages.  This session was even stronger, I listened to it twice and got a lot out of it both times.  I connected with her words and the information which came through, was really reassuring to feel understood. However, I still felt somewhat stuck and struggling with a few things. After I returned home, we had our 3rd session via Skype in March - I started to feel and see some significant changes at this point. I began to open up, my motivation was coming back and I started to feel softer and more open. It felt like things were coming together. The delightful part about working with Vanessa 'Ness' - is that she gives you the proper old school service. She explains everything, she asks you questions to truly understand where you are at, and she follows up afterwards to see how you're doing. She listens, she hears you and she never rushes you. I would highly recommend Vanessa, she is the ‘real deal’.  She doesn't always tell you what you think you want to hear, she also doesn't guarantee miracles, because change can take time and some patience to really start to feel the beautiful breakthroughs.  If you are prepared to come with an open mind and be willing to let go and trust, you will be beautifully surprised by the outcome.  Vanessa uses her intuitive gifts and different modalities to help you navigate the layers and to deeply guide and support you on a path to healing you. I am super grateful for Vanessa and her important work and I have referred her to my friends and family. Katie Gridley - Victoria Australia  

May 8, 2016

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