IVF and BodyTalk with Vanessa have given me my miracle baby

I am finally 23 weeks pregnant with my miracle baby. In January 2013 I miscarried my first baby at 7 weeks, which was very difficult to get through after all the thousands of dollars spent, and everything else I had endured. My husband and I had been trying for over 2 years after being through several procedures for severe endometriosis, including operations, lasering and other invasive tests. In fact my Gynaecologist specialist said that I had the worst case of endometriosis that he had ever seen in his practice. He wants to write my case up for a journal as he is so pleased that I am now pregnant and doing so well. I had the silent type of endometriosis, where I had no symptoms or pain, my menstrual cycle was pretty regular and no fuss. So I had no idea I would have problems conceiving a baby. Due to this situation, being in my early 30’s, my doctor said that my chances of falling pregnant naturally, were extremely slim. So my husband and I began IVF and implantation procedures after trying to conceive naturally for so long. I was told that due to other factors my statistical percentages of conceiving via IVF were also significantly reduced. It was a very stressful time for me and my hubby and we were afraid it would never happen. With the expenses and ongoing appointments and tests, it was very draining. I had Energy Healings and BodyTalk sessions with Vanessa a few years ago and after reconnecting with her and reading of her other fertility successes on her website, I decided she was the one. I wanted to work with her in combination to heal anything I could. I wanted to give my body the best chance of holding a baby, and I needed emotional support after the miscarriage, and the IVF process. I have to say, the timing of my first appointment was really interesting because Vanessa just had a spare booking become available and it was on my day off, AND it was just 1 day after my next Embryo Implantation. I felt that it was all divinely timed and so did Vanessa. Vanessa got a lot of intuitive messages about the coming baby, including the sex of the baby (infact years ago she told me what I would be having and she was right). We did lots of clearing and healing for my uterus, but also inherited things around my own time in utero and helping me let go of fears and worries about accepting a baby and trusting that it would all be okay ‘this time’. There were hormonal imbalances and other physical things too and some really interesting past life memories I was holding onto in my body that were inhibiting my uterine lining to ‘accept’ a baby. She explained to me, that it was like the growth of the endometriosis on the uterus was a mixture of so many different emotions and cellular memories literally creating a shield not to allow a baby to be accepted and carried.   One past life connected to a time where I had a lot of children and was pregnant again and didn’t know how I would cope with another mouth to feed, I was struggling, quite poor and I took matters into my own hands to terminate the baby in that life. The emotional guilt and sadness around this was blocking me now in my current life. Vanessa has a surprising amount of medical knowledge and understanding of the body and emotions, and the good thing is there are no needles or medications. I had been through enough and I needed simple, but thorough. I was so hopeful and felt so cared for. Then the timing of my next appointment happened to be when my 2 week blood test after the implantation was. Vanessa wasn’t aware of that date or time, she was simply guided by my body.   Things felt like they were falling into place. 2 weeks later I had my follow up session with Vanessa, about 5 mins after we finished my doctor phoned to say I was pregnant. Vanessa just smiled as she already was quite confident the results would be positive. She gave me a huge hug and she was the first person to know and it was so lovely to share this with her. It was pretty surreal and Vanessa kept encouraging me to trust and just allow my body to nurture and hold the baby, and that all would be okay.   I continued every 2-3 weeks throughout my first trimester to have sessions, and now I am happily 23 weeks pregnant, and I see her every 4 weeks to stay supported and in balance. We didn’t share our news with any family or friends until we knew everything was okay, so this was a great support to me on so many levels. Each session I was able to release any fears or worries as I was quite anxious and I didn’t want this affecting the baby. Vanessa picked up so many things, but in particular my reluctance to allow myself to feel joy and happiness for being pregnant (yet). I guess I was still afraid it wouldn’t be okay.   I have also felt exceptionally well during my pregnancy, hardly any nausea or sickness, just the usual bit of tiredness and body changes going on. I know that the combination and timing of working with Vanessa and her gifts was what we needed. I know that I can contact her without hesitation for me and my family’s health needs. I wanted my sharing to help others, so if you are struggling to conceive, have fertility related health issues or suffered a miscarriage, just go see Vanessa, don’t wait as long as I did. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much she can not only help you heal, get your body having the right conditions to have a baby, but understand your needs and support your emotional wellbeing. You are in very safe loving hands with her and she gives great hugs. LW Redlands Qld

April 4, 2016

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