Help for my son with a fear of heights and my emotional and physical health and wellbeing...

Vanessa and Heart and Soul Transformations guides you to take those first feeble steps towards self-appreciation and nurturing.

I feel blessed to have met Vanessa and I am so grateful for her many insights, which are both grounding and inspirational. Vanessa has greatly assisted myself and my family, both in person and via distance sessions.

In particular my youngest son had a phobia of heights to the point even getting on the change table or toilet was too high.  He would be highly anxious and was becoming increasingly clingy. I had such great results with my own health and wellbeing and Vanessa suggested a distance session for my son. After just 2 sessions his fears and phobia were gone. His birth process was quite traumatic, and I also had a fall when I was pregnant,  and Vanessa was able to clear this and past life connections during the sessions.

Not long after we went to the local park and my son happily went on the slippery slide – it was incredible – it was like he was a different child. His sleeping and behaviour also settled down.

It really is difficult to compress my appreciation into a succinct review. Needless to say, I highly recommend this lovely lady.

Jodie Bazley, Brisbane


February 29, 2016

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