Vanessa is amazing, she has so many intuitive gifts and modalities to help you along your Soul journey...

I have been working with Vanessa for over 6 years via distance, and for me, she has been a teacher, mentor and friend, who has made a difference to me in my life. Vanessa ‘gets me’, and for that I am grateful. She has lovingly guided me to work through my limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, headaches, let go and heal from childhood and family conditioning, past lives and traumas that were affecting my various health conditions in this lifetime, and more.

I trust Vanessa to know what my body needs each time as she works for my highest good. I love the liquid crystals and I am grateful for her ongoing support. She often checks in on me, just to see how I am going in my life and general wellbeing.  I also have purchased crystals and a few beautifully handcrafted personal jewellery designs that she also creates.  

Thankyou Vanessa

Karen Barnwell - True Authentic You February 29, 2016

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