My Kidney stones gone after 3 sessions, and Vanessa helped me with my knee pain, stress, worry and grief...

When Vanessa asked if I would write a testimonial, I thought to myself, where do I start, as it has been so wonderful.  I have been seeing Vanessa for over 6 years and no it is not because it has taken so long, but because I love the healing so much that I have a monthly ‘tune-up’ with Vanessa as a ‘me time’.

I initially came to see Vanessa as I was very stressed and not coping with my aged mother living with me, and after the death of my father I was still grieving. I remember meeting Vanessa at the centre where I worked, and I got teary just speaking with her, she was so kind. The deep healing sessions with Vanessa helped me immensely with my grief.  I was able to let go and find some peace. I also had recurring hip, back, and shoulder pain. My energy was pretty low, working in the day care centre with many young toddlers requiring attention and picking them up.  I have received so many benefits over time, that I believe if I had not had these regular sessions I would have had to undergo surgery by now.

Over the years I keep having my monthly tune-ups as it is so relaxing and calming. I learn things all of the time from Vanessa, and she has a great way of explaining things and guiding me through stuck areas of my life. Life does through new curve balls.  I developed bad kidney stones and after just 3 sessions they disappeared or dissolved – something happened and the doctors could not believe it.

She has supported me during great times of stress and worry relating to my mother and the decline in her age and poor health. I used to worry so much about everything ( I get this from my mother), but I have grown so much as a person and now I don’t sweat the small stuff thanks to Vanessa.  She is always so caring and supportive, she never judges.

Another time I had recurring ear infections and she sorted this out.  I had fibroids and some ‘female issues’ and she sorted that out.  Being in my 60’s I had some knee problems last year and after a few sessions, they were great.  More recently I came down with a very strange rash on my tummy area, and after 1 session and Vanessa highlighting how the concern over anxiety and long term travel plans, guilt over not being able to be there for my aging mother, duty and responsibility were all linked.  After a week, no medications the nasty rash disappeared.  There are many other areas to list, but I know my body is stronger and I am emotionally really good, and I love my relaxation hour and tune up with Vanessa. I am so grateful in knowing that I can call on her for my health or emotional wellbeing.


Linda - Birkdale Qld

February 29, 2016

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