Vanessa is one of the most powerful healers I have encountered in all the years I have been seeing 'alternative' practitioners.

The first session I had with her was a 'distance' healing and I could feel my body physically experiencing her work in a way that I hadn't felt with other healers who were right there in the room with me. Her ability is incredible and so aligned with Spirit. She was able to help my eyes with a very long-term problem in a way no other healer or traditional doctor has done. After just one session I was getting so much relief. It was quite astounding. I have continued on working with Vanessa and she has been able to assist me with shifting financial blocks that are being held in my body, and offer support to my digestive system, plus so many other subtle and deeper shifts. I now consider Vanessa my 'go-to' healer-intuitive. She's also a beautiful spirit and I feel the planet is so very lucky to have her. Lisa Foley - Melbourne Australia Heart, Art and Eating with Peace

February 29, 2016

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