Thanks to Vanessa Sumner my lower back is feeling the best it has in 40 years...

I was born with several birth anomalies in my lower spine and right sacroiliac area. This often causes me much pain and stiffness, which required daily medication over the years. During my first consultation and healing session with Vanessa via  distance, she worked on this area and almost immediately I felt a huge difference.

Of course, my birth anomalies are still present, but Vanessa’s remarkable healing removed a tremendous amount of energy that was behind much of my discomfort. She was able to intuitively source emotions, beliefs, memories, childhood and past life trauma and detailed information relating to my back pain. And the next day, I also noticed the lump in that area of my back had disappeared completely.  My back feels so much more free and flexible.

Vanessa is a gifted healer.


Nancy A Kaiser - Animal Communicator and Healer

Todd, North Carolina, USA

February 29, 2016

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