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Vanessa is a powerhouse of natural ability...

It has been my very great pleasure to have known Vanessa Sumner for going on twelve years. We met when she was coordinating a series of BodyTalk seminars in 2005. I recall being so impressed by her courteous manner, her marvellous organisational abilities and her close attention to details. No job was too big or too small and she took everything in her stride handling several things at once in an entirely professional manner. I must admit that when I began coordinating I modelled myself on Vanessa! Over the years we have got to know and trust each other implicitly both professionally as clients and colleagues, and personally as friends. She is an inspirational and dynamic person whose creativeness is expressed through her intuitive sense of colour, awareness and knowingness. As a practitioner she surpasses the mainstream alternatives with her own blend of insightful intuitiveness and practicality as she draws on her many years of experience and knowledge. Vanessa is a powerhouse of natural ability which she has nurtured with continued studies, practical application and walking her talk. Her dedication to her work in alternative medicine is legendary and anyone seeking her facilitation could count themselves blessed to have her as their consulting practitioner. Rosilyn Kinnersley Consciousness Wellbeing Facilitator Khalynda WholeHealth Service

May 8, 2016

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