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I conceived my baby naturally with BodyTalk and support from Vanessa after my miscarriage...


In February of 2011, we lost our precious Angel. It took me several months to accept this loss and I hoped and prayed we would fall pregnant again quickly.

3 months later still nothing. I changed my lifestyle, diet and saw a naturopath. I did everything I could to fall pregnant. On my continual quest for knowledge I read about BodyTalk in an online forum. One of the ladies was pregnant after 3 sessions, and she was told she would not fall pregnant naturally.

I admit, I had no idea what BodyTalk was, I’d never even heard of it before. I did some research, and I was willing to try anything, but I just let it sit with me for a bit. I looked up some practitioners in my area, and Vanessa wasn’t the first person I called. I spoke to 2 Body talk practitioners over the phone, before I found her. Neither seemed like an appropriate fit for me, but something told me that BodyTalk was.

I finally found Vanessa online and I liked her website and loved that she had an entire toolbox of specialties and services, not just Body Talk. So I called and we hit it off straight away! I think we spoke on the phone for almost an hour and I felt so much lighter after that initial phone conversation. I booked in and I couldn’t wait for my first session.

Vanessa is warm, nurturing and skilled. She used a combination of Body Talk and other Intuitive gifts to find out exactly what my body needed. She explained things clearly and used all of her expertise to heal and bring out my inner diamond.

I saw immediate results as Vanessa and she helped me process and grieve my losses. And I immediately saw changes in my body and my cycle. I felt much more calmer and centred. I found I could handle stressful situations more easily (especially that disappointing single line on a pregnancy test at the end of the month).

After only one session, I had absolute faith that our baby was on it’s way. For my follow up 2nd session I was going to be in America for our business and so I decided to have a distance session with Vanessa. It was not only convenient but amazing, and I knew at the exact moment Vanessa began working on me.

After 3 sessions, I saw a fertility specialist and was told that I had extremely low ovarian reserve. He said it was unlikely that I would ever fall pregnant naturally and that I should book in for IVF. This was devastating news for my husband and I, but I just wasn’t ready to except that.

I felt that my baby was right around the corner, and that my BodyTalk sessions were working wonders, so we booked in for the start of January, giving us 2 more cycles to fall pregnant naturally. It was November 2012 at this stage and I was feeling very upset by this news, so I had an urgent distance session with Vanessa. She was comforting and soothing. Vanessa’s intuitive guidance helped me to stay calm and focus on what I believed, that my body was still preparing for my baby and I would conceive naturally. I was pregnant by the end of November after only 4 sessions.

I truly believe that Vanessa’s support, Intuitive Healing and BodyTalk Sessions, not only helped me deal with our loss with grace and strength, but prepared and healed my body so that it could focus on conceiving our beautiful little man.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and have continued to see Vanessa throughout my pregnancy, which has been a breeze. I don’t think I could live without my Healing and BodyTalk sessions now. We are so happy to welcome our little boy, a brother for our gorgeous 2yr old daughter. We could not feel more blessed.

Baby Linkyn

Update: I worked with Vanessa regularly up until the birth of Linkyn and I was happy to be able to have a natural birth ( v-back) after a C-section with my daughter. This was so important to me.

And as my creativity was flowing I decided to step up and do something that had been on my mind for a while. Create a gorgeous website and blog for other mums wanting natural options for fertility and mothering, as well as support for other couples who may have miscarried. Vanessa was one of the first people I shared this vision with, and she really inspired me to ‘just do it’.  Thankyou so much Vanessa.

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February 29, 2016

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