Vanessa is truly magnificent at what she does...

Over the years, I have experienced the range of the modalities that Vanessa offers, Intuitive Readings, Guidance, Past Life clearing, BodyTalk and Liquid Crystals. Vanessa's sessions have supported my busy life operating multiple businesses, small children and for my general health and wellbeing.  She initially supported me after my miscarriage, and then in falling pregnant when I was told that it was highly unlikely I would without IVF. I was pregnant within a few sessions, one of which was via distance as I was in the US for business.

Another fantastic thing about Vanessa is that you don't have to be with her to experience her sessions. Although she has a beautiful healing space, it is both wonderful and convenient to be able to continue with my day, my business, and not have to arrange babysitters, or stress about making it to her place for my appointments. Distance sessions are awesome. More recently, I was blessed to acquire 2 beautiful crystal necklace creations, made with love by Vanessa. They came with the most appropriate and transformative intuitive messages. I wear them often and get comments on them every time I go out.

Thank you so much Vanessa, you are incredible.

Sam Morrisey - Your Freestyle Life

February 29, 2016

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