After 6 years of doctors and tests I am healing from my severe digestive and gut issues...

I can't begin to thank Vanessa enough for what she has given me through her Heart and Soul healings. Over the past 6 years I have seen countless doctors and had every test imaginable to try to find answers for my severe gut issues, to no avail.  My symptoms ranged from constant alternating diaroeha and constipation, to severe bloating and sometimes vomiting.

This had a massive impact on my life, social life and my emotional and physical body. It got to the point where I was worrying about everything I was eating, and I ate really well, nothing made a difference. I was so stressed out all the time.  After one session with Vanessa I started to notice some big changes and I had 70% improvement in my gut pain in just 1 session - I was so impressed. She helped me to work through the emotional damage that I was holding onto from trauma caused earlier in my life. It began to shift out and my strained relationships with the people around me improved.

With each session I could feel myself getting better and better. Now after a few months of seeing her I am the happiest and most content I think I have ever been I sleep better and I am calmer and don't feel like I am just coping and getting through the day.  People at work even noticed the immediate difference in me.    I can just be and it is the best feeling, and most importantly no more gut issues!!!!  Vanessa has also worked with me to assist and guide me to work through stuff with my mother and I feel that I am ready to start forgiving her for childhood stuff and this I know is really important to me moving forward.   I also really love her meditation classes too, pure Bliss!!  

I suggest to anyone who has tried everything else with no success, experience a few Heart and Soul healings, you will not regret it.  Thank you so much Vanessa xx Sarah - Brisbane 

February 29, 2016

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