The Liquid Crystals – essences to transform your whole-self

The Liquid Crystals

The Liquid Crystals (TLC) are geometric vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals.

The Liquid Crystals have been brought through from Ancient times by Justin Moikeha Asar.

They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and thus Physical imbalance.  Created via an Ancient remembered process that embraces Crystalline Integrity, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Solar, Luna and Universal energy. The Liquid Crystals have returned to facilitate our planet back to Oneness by Reuniting the Crystalline grids, Above, Below and within Humanity.

The Liquid Crystals are Organic, Natural and Holistic. As a vibrational therapy, TLC will not interfere in the action of any other medication or treatment and is perfect for the whole family. And you can give them to your pets and plants and even put in your food.

A Human being is made up of Minerals and the Energetic Geometric Structures they contain, so simply integrates the Liquid Crystal’s Geometric structure. This exchange effects the energy and physical bodies, creating an outward expression of Healing.

"One Heart, One Voice, One Vision, One Spirit" ©Justin Moikeha Asar


TLC Reading, Consultation and Intuitive Healing + Your Remedies

As a qualified Liquid Crystal Practitioner (TLC) I allow your BodyMind and Soul to guide me to what you need to assist where you are at.

Your first full consultation with me is 90minswith a thorough overview of where you are at physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. This can be done in person or via Skype.

I use whatever I feel is best for you from my toolbox to support you. This may include a TLC reading and Medical Intuitive /Energy Healing + tune in at deep levels to facilitate energetic clearing, and processes working with Spirit, in preparation for you to 'take the remedies orally'.

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There are many ways to work with the TLC and you may require a Trinity (3 separate remedies), a Single Remedy, a Combination or perhaps your ' Your Name Trinity'. I work intuitively so I will be shown on the day what is the 'priority' for you.

Yes your first birth NAME reveals to me a unique 3 remedy process, allowing for deep change by supporting and addressing your Shadow, Purpose and Higher Purpose. A powerful way to move through obstacles and blocks, to allow for more ease, grace and flow towards your purpose and ultimately your higher purpose.  A true vibration to re-align you to who you really are, with devic songs from the crystals too. This is explained in detail during your consultation.

* During your TLC Healing I will leave you for up to 15 mins, so you can have a quiet Sacred Space to work with the Oracle and Devic Energies and I will prepare your Remedies. I provide you with simple details on how to take the remedies to best support and serve you.  What I love about these essences is their simplicity of use and you do not have to be concerned about just having cleaned your teeth or having eaten or had a coffee. You can even put them in your food - brilliant.

21 day cycles of taking the remedies orally is best. It is said that it takes 21 days to change a habit, and during the cycle and further 7 day integration- a space is opened up for 'permanent change'. There are many ways to work with TLC and I look forward to you allowing these beautiful essences into your Heart and your Soul.  They take you on a Journey and assist at the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels, being a great support and combination with all of my other Soul Services.
* Name Trinity and other combination or single dose remedies and postage is additional.
* Postage is additional for distance clients

Sessions with me can be done in person at Wellington Point or via Distance via Skype. Distance is my specialty.
Follow up sessions are usually 1 hour and remedies are additional. I review where you are at, connect with TLC in a reading/healing to see what the next cycle and layer is required, and where time permits to facilitate other intuitive healing for you.

The Liquid Crystals are Unique
They are a Powerful Catalyst for Change and Transformation !
Are you Ready !
Kapow !

Why did I add another amazing tool to my already wonderful dIAMond toolbox?

About 8 or 9 years ago I was sitting at my office desk and I heard the words ' liquid crystals' pop into my mind. During my meditations and healings, I had often visualised, or was shown 'crystals going from solid rock to liquid form' moving into my, or clients organs and body parts bringing deep healing. On this day I typed the words into google and TLC came up. There were so many bottles and options, I didn't know where to start. For whatever reason and timing I just let it go. Then a few years back they popped up again and I waited, and last year I started to work with the brand new oracle deck and essences as a self healing tool - it must have been the Divine Timing. I began to absorb and read and learn as much as I could. This came so easily - I felt like I was 'Home' when I am working with TLC.  I found myself going back to Atlantis, being shown I had been trained and worked with the essences in Ancient Times. I began my formal studies and have taken many '21 day cycles' of the TLC' as well as working with the Oracle and Devas daily.
I listen and I am guided by Spirit. I rarely go looking for new systems or modalities - what I need for mySelf and my clients always 'shows up' in perfect order and timing.

The Oracle itself is a powerful working toolbox - unlike most oracles. Personally, I have found the essences to be very deep, powerful and work on many levels.  Sometimes the shifts come very quickly, being supportive and bringing much peace and opening up the space for a new chapter......if you are reading this you probably are ready to let go and walk into a new chapter.  And....sometimes there are layers and chapters working within the magic of these essences.  As one part is healed, the new layer is delightfully revealed.

It is different for each Soul, depending on the manifested health and emotional issues, and how willing you are to truly heal and get to know and be all of your true-self.


Here are some examples of the Single 77 Cards and Remedies and basic details of how they can support you

greenc calcite letgo liquid crystals vanessasumner

Green Calcite - Letting Go

It is excellent to work with for Letting Go, detachment, forgiveness, freedom, conrol, mental healing, presence of anger, healing of the bones, it is cooling and calming and gentle. Wonderful for working with letting go through the heart. It is a 'go to essence ' for many of my clients, and great to take for a 21 day cycle. I have worked with this one...I love it.
Animal Totem is : Dragonfly
Essential Oil is: Grapefruit
Affirmation is: " I am free in the Now "

balance align clear liquid crystals vanessasumner

Boji Stone - Balance Align and Clear

It is excellent to work with when you are feeling out of sorts, stuck, need aligning, balancing, healing, grounding and regeneration. If you are in need of downtime and to reset your foundations of the building blocks of a more balanced state of beingness. Assists the balancing of all chakras and meridians and assists you to let go of resistance and to allow in more flow. Great for Masc/Fem Balance within, as well as Animal Communication. It is in the popular Balance Align and Clear, and Angels Combination remedy, great to take for a 21 day cycle. I also find this shows up in many of my clients Name Trinities

Animal Totem is : Pig
Essential Oil is: Vetiver
Affirmation is: " The Earth is my Healer "
sugilite the liquid crystals vanessasumner

Sugilite - Inner Child - Expression of your Spirit

The name says it all really...beautiful to work with healing the Inner Child, stress, depression, negativity, loss of purpose, balance to laughter/tears. Great for the new energy of children/starchild and creativity of the Spirit and playfullness. Sugilite is useful for headaches, inflammation and left/right brain imbalances and resulting conditions such as epilepsy, coordination, dyslexia, autism and ADD or eg. Helps to bring balance to the pineal, adrenal and pituatary gland functions. Associated with the Heart, Crown and Third eye chakras.

Animal Totem is : Seal
Essential Oil is: Everlasting
Affirmation is: " I am Spiritual Being on a Human Journey "

chrysophrase liquid crystals vanessasumner

Chrysoprase - Fearless Movement

A divine essence that signals the opening of a new and creative pathway, filtered through the heart. I find this is great for clients that have cleared, or working with me on heart defensive and protective (love me but don't hurt me, immune system issues). It is a stone of action and following your own heart, that knows that personal power and your individual Spirit must be taken along for the journey.  With a communication linking between the Crown, Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, it allows for fearless waves of movement, forgiveness, acceptance and the understanding of the cycles of life.  Assists various endocrine glands, including ovaries, fertility and balancing hormones and depression.  Helps to heal a broken heart and for men to assist with the feminine balance.

Animal Totem is : Deer
Essential Oil is: Fennel
Affirmation is: " I Fearlessly take action, I am Love, Wisdom and Power "

rhodocrosite self love liquid crystals vanessasumner

Rhodochrosite - Self Love

A very popular essence and in many Name Trinities - self love, unconditional love, Crown, Heart and Sacral chakras.  Wonderful for compassion, family, relationships, avoidance and denial issues, suppressed anger and pain/hurt/wounds relating to sexual abuse and any abusive/disempowering/criticism situations. Assists the digestive system (acceptance, life experiences) thyroid imbalances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, troubled sleep/nightmares, internal infections. Assists with bringing about compassion, forgiveness allowing for you to have faith and confidence in yourself AND... trust in the world, letting go of attachments. Self Love is our most personal and important responsibiity as we become more aware of what we are calling forth and creating in our life and path.

Animal Totem is : Cat
Essential Oil is: Ylang-Ylang
Affirmation is: " I Love Myself "

Rose Quartz - Forgiveness

Another popular and magical TLC, as you can imagine the need for us to forgive, and let go and heal the 'stories and stuff' that we hold onto creating dis-ease and imbalance. Assisting to dissolve anger, guilt, stress, sadness and depression,purification and cleansing, and healing energy. May assist male infertility, lung conditions, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and Leukemia. It's purification and rejuvinating abilities allow for proper heart function. Relates to Self-Love, Male/Father healing, aligning the Heart and Throat chakra communication ( often things we have not said and/or been shut down). It helps to put the JOY back into life by slowing it down so love can be recognized and experienced.  Connects with Archangel Mary and suprisingly Rose Quartz although pink, holds a blue frequency - revealing the work of Forgiveness being a journey of truth, grace and a higher peace.

Animal Totem is : Dog
Essential Oil is: Palmarosa
Affirmation is: " In Love's Infinite Fires I forgive, and I am Whole "
zircon the liquid crystals vanessasumner

Zircon - Life Changes

Are you longing for change? Have you put in the work on yourSELF? This amazing TLC is for embracing change and/or when you want a big change...especially if you have done a lot of 'letting go and forgiveness and self love work'. Great for nerve pain, sciatica and the spine. May be helpful with depression as well as activating trust in the Self, moving through change without fear, as the past is forgiven and released, opening to all of the potential pathways forward.  If you have given up on yourself, or you are trapped in the past and stuck in the old - this is a great TLC. It has a connection to the Right Shoulder area/joint. The animal totem is Spider so if you have an aversion to this animal, perhaps you require this essence to shift forward. Or look out for Spiders as symbols and positive signs. The same goes for all totem animals listed.  A sacred stone of Osiris and contact stone of Lord Sananda.

Animal Totem is : Spider
Essential Oil is: Juniper
Affirmation is: " My Embrace of Change Creates my World"

This is just a TASTE of the 77 Oracle and Liquid Crystal essences and abilities to support your health and wellbeing on ALL Levels.

To experience the magic and power, contact me to discuss your needs or book online via the link on image above.

Shine Bright like the Human dIAMond that you truly are


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