Freedom from Anger


Anger is a truly powerful and important E-Motion. Suppressed expression and unresolved processing of Anger, may lead to the potential for dis-ease and disharmony in the BodyMind and Soul – through its ability to disempower.

This potent dIAMond Light Language Transmission is a high-frequency tool that may help you shift, unlock and unburden Anger, allowing for its purpose and potential to be processed, respected, recognised, and released.


Are you ready to unlock the suppression of your Anger. To Awaken more fully, by resolving the many beliefs and conditionings from your family lineage, generational and other incarnations where you have had to suppress, block, lock away, fear and be silenced in your full expression.

Anger is an E-motion (energy in motion) that helps you to Rise. It offers you expansion and movement and acts as a catalyst between the Liver and Gall Bladder to guide you to make decisions, and to takes steps in your life with courage.

Think of the last time you were really angry, did it motivate you to take action?

Or did you silence yourself, succumbing to the conditioned behaviours of defeat and retreat, because you felt powerless?


How does your Anger limit or empower your health, wellbeing and happiness ?

Anger is often misunderstood and may be feared for its power, due to your stored history in your cells and Soul memories, or from your upsetting or traumatic childhood experiences. Expressed and experienced Anger may unblock tension and energy that has become stagnant in your body for a long time. Like all e-motions – it has a purpose, however perhaps you have been told, and taught for decades and lifetimes to be quiet, and to not feel. To keep-it-together, not ask for help, to not show you are angry or struggling or challenged.

To keep-up-appearances that everything is okay, yet underneath you are treading water, with a rage running through your veins that you try to hide from – and this has become your default setting.

Yet to Awaken and Heal more fully, resolving these surfacing layers of your dormant Anger from your BodyMind and your Soul is vital, to help you drop the Masks of who you are not. To help you to resolve physical and emotional aches, pain and the absence of Joy in your life.


You want Freedom from Anger, so you can Express and Be Who You Truly are !

You are here reading this because you are NO longer willing to live an in-authentic life, wearing multiple masks to hide and suppress your pain and anger and lifetimes of dis-empowement.

You want to Express your True-Colours and expand your Cosmic Wings !

You want to more freely Speak our Truth. Anger lays dormant and often boils away or erupts for when your Soul is ready to heal and Rise more fully. Perhaps that time for you is NOW.


Are you ready to Release + Repair + Rise ?

This Transmission is a potent 12.32 minutes in duration.

This Sound Frequency Healing + Activation Tool is uniquely channelled, and guided to support you to heal and release Anger at your Soul and Cell level, with dIAMond Light Language, Sha’Woman Song tones and Ancient Wisdom, which bypasses the logic mental mind.

You will be amazed at other areas it touches upon both emotionally, physically and metaphysically in relation to your Anger.


POST SOUL-SELF CARE – after you listen to the audio

LINK : After you purchase your DLL Package, you will receive an Email with a Link to Download your File + PDF file to support you.

PLUS: Guidance to create a SACRED SPACE for the duration of the Transmission + how to Honour and Support your Whole Self post-care, as you INTEGRATE and recalibrate any subtle or bigger changes to your Frequency, and your incredible BodyMind and Soul.

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