My Story

Beautiful Soul, I know how you feel living with physical and emotional pain, you are so tired and a lot of it is invisible to others. You wear your smile, your mask, but you have lost parts of you, your self-confidence, and your sparkle. Thinking you are not perfect enough, feeling flawed, you are burnt-out and your self-love tank is running near on empty. Life has thrown you some curve-balls, change may be a little scary, and new chapters can be unsettling.

 You feel a deep stirring within, you want to Awaken more as a Soul, you want to re-connect with your Spiritual Self at deeper levels, and need a Guide.  I am here for you, and I totally ‘get‘ you. 

It is time to let go of the emotional baggage that is holding you back.  I will support your healing process, you can do it, and I believe in you. I see how powerful you truly are, and I promise you, that letting go will free-up your BodyMind and Soul in ways you never imagined. You are worth it.


The Gift of Acceptance - We are here to have an experience

My conscious journey began after the birth of my first daughter at age 27, and since then I have been navigating several challenging health and life experiences. Spirit has been powerfully guiding me on my path, and each chapter has taken me through a deep Metamorphosis, a further Awakening of the whole of ME - embracing the imperfection of my perfection.


Flaws and All - I Am a Human dIAMond

During these times, I struggled with my faith and confidence, and was at times stuck and afraid. I was guided to surrender, dive deep within and reassess my life, let go and heal more layers. Being very sensitive and empathic, I often felt I didn’t belong in the world. These times have been my greatest teachings and offered me the greatest healing opportunities for my Soul. They have given me access to more acceptance and compassion for myself, Ancient Wisdom and new (old) healing gifts, so that I can be of Service, and support others on their Soul Journey.


I am Enough and so are YOU.

I am dedicated to helping YOU let go, to heal, to love yourself, even through your health and life challenges.With my support, and access to tools to support yourself, my Divine purpose is to help you re-remember and re-connect with who you truly are.

WS hand beautifulI am not afraid, I was born to do this

- Joan of Arc

I was falling to pieces to awaken

In 1997 I was barely coping with my life and new baby.
I was struggling with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) – the label given to me by western medicine.
A challenging musculoskeletal disorder, experiencing depression, chronic fatigue, low confidence, and at times barely wanting to go on. Normally a strong, independent woman, I was treading water, physically, emotionally and mentally. As no-one could see my pain, I felt lost, stuck, afraid, confused, in the wrong body and even wanting to 'go home'.  I wore my mask and brave face, and tried to stay afloat, but I was falling to pieces. Little did I know that this experience would lead me on a Spiritual path, and awaken me to my natural healing and intuitive gifts.

My eyes began to open

BodyTalk entered my life

BodyTalk First Cons & Session-90minsIn March of 1997 I was introduced to the BodyTalk System™, and after a series of sessions I had more energy, I was healthier, happier and I had a sense of peace, and an inner knowing that I was going to be OKAY.  With my love for life back, a new ME emerged and I felt like I had found a new ‘purpose’. I was confident and excited about the next chapter of my life, and in 2001 I attended my first training. After the Foundational Modules, qualifying as one of the first few Certified Practitioners in Australia, I then studied the Advanced Modules many times over, and had the pleasure of co-ordinating for International Instructors teaching in Brisbane for 6 years. And here I am 15 years on, being of service in ways I never would have imagined, with a powerful toolbox and a deep connection to Spirit, my Guides and Ancient Wisdom.

What is BodyTalk

The Toolbox – Bio

Over the past 15 years I have been devoted to my own personal development and healing, and have been working as a BodyTalk Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Crystal Healer, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Teacher and Guide. Whilst further awakening, and developing my Medical Intuitive abilities, I have engaged in other modalities that ‘showed’ up, like the Spiritual teachers and mentors, just at the right time. I never go looking, Spirit always guides me in exactly the right timing. Around 2006 I began holding meditation and spiritual development classes, opening a small crystal and metaphysical shop, running events and workshops. Powerful Guides are with me as I continue to love and support clients with a combination of my healing tools and guidance. No experience is ever without gifts for a higher purpose, and so begins my sharing of another Awakening chapter…


New chapters, we call forth experiences to heal and grow

In October 2013, during my Uranus opposition (astrological cycle we all go through approximately ages 40-44) and Kundalini Awakening process, I ended up crawling downstairs, unable to walk or see properly, home alone, with energy surging into my head, as if it would explode. I was not sure if I was going to have a seizure, a stroke or die. I laid, barely moving on the tiles for hours, as I waited for my husband and the ambulance. Then 6 weeks later after multiple MRI’s, I faith-stonewas in the ambulance again.  I experienced daily, ongoing challenges for almost 2 years, as I was recalibrating and repairing my nervous system that was damaged. This involved being bedridden for months, serious neurological issues and a further loss of physical vision, whole body tremoring, vertigo, intense pain and uncertainty, learning to walk and function again, with neuro-muscular issues. After ruling out the obvious brain tumours and western medical tests, I chose a natural approach. With ongoing self-healing, and with other amazing practitioners, I know I have managed to stay out of a wheelchair and a truer, more grander version of me was and is emerging.

My Soul called forth this experience to purge more ‘karmic tapes’ at deep levels.  I worked through many ‘ Dark night of the Soul experiences’, my intuitive abilities have been amplified and my life has changed yet again. I have humbly learnt at an even deeper level, to ‘let go’ and the power of ‘faith and trust’ and even more compassion for myself. The wisdom of this experience has me writing, healing and inspiring many beautiful clients through their own difficult health, and life chapters – both physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

I see the Light in me, I see the Light in you

holding-diamondYes, we often discover our greatest gifts through the darkest times. This is because the light is always there, it is up to us to walk into the light, embrace the light and own the light of our magnificence. With patience, self-compassion and forgiveness, and the gift of loving the imperfection of our own perfection.

Don’t Give Up

Do yourself a favour - be patient with your journey.  Nourish and support yourself with tools. Surround yourself with those that uplift your Spirit and remind you of your magnificence – because you are worthy.



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