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The only purpose of life is to be our self, live our truth and be the love that we are. - Anita Moorjani

You are unique and so are your healing needs. It would be an honour to work together as a team for your transformation.

I ‘get’ that you are unique, and there is no-one that has your cellular memories, your life experiences and your karmic patterns.  You are an infinite Soul having a Human experience, walking your Path.  And no-one else has walked in your shoes or knows what it is like to truly BE you.

I See your Light, and I Hear the calling and longing of your Magnificence as a Soul.

What you Seek IS Seeking You.  It has not always been easy, you have felt lost, stuck, afraid, overwhelmed, physically unwell as you 'upgrade' your human vehicle.

You are a Gift - and you want to un-wrap your Masks and Veils to reveal your dIAMond facetry, and feel Safe to express it in the world, in all that you do, and all that you BE.

You are here on the Earth to leave your Heart Print. You know you are here to evolve as a Soul and as you Awaken and expand your Consciousness, you feel called to explore the Truth amongst the sometimes muddy layers.

And you k(now) that you make a difference to the world, just by being in it….and perhaps need support to help you deeply utterly, and divinely Remember that your Light is exquisite and you can do this !

Am I speaking to your Heart and Soul right now?

work with VanessaMy continuing Quest here on the Earthplane is to assist Spiritually Conscious women and men as they Awaken and expand in their profound Human-ness, as a Multi-dimensional Being. Yes we are a BodyMind, Soul and we are also the Universe.  It is only our limited mind and human perspective that perceives the 'separation'.  We are here to Remember, to Return to Grace.

I am here to be a Guide and Light for you to access your own Divine Wisdom, Healing and to Return to Grace.    You know that there IS a ‘bigger picture’ to your life, health experiences, your emotional stuff and your incredible Souls journey.

You know the 'inner dIAMond' work is required as you cut, facet and polish the Self.  You are powerfully seeking not just change and peeling off a few layers...but deep Whole Health and Soul Self Transformation.

You want to Transcend limitations, cellular stories, ancestral patterns, and resolve karmic matters at the Soul level.

You want to embrace your Flawsome'ness.

So if you have been guided here it is because you are Ready to let-go of OLD, to invite and ignite the True You.

+ I Love Supporting Businesses that are here to assist the Collective - is this YOU?

Your biz is a reflection of you, and it has an energetic blueprint, it is a living being, an energy.  I can also support your Business transitional chapters and Awakening Path with my Intuitive Tool Box as a Multi-Faceted Soul Healer, Channel and Grace Guide.  I dig deep into your core fears, worries, or other e-motions and Soul contracts that you could be experiencing in your business, just as I would tune into into the Bodymind and Soul of you.  You will be surprised what stories your business is holding onto, creating imbalance and disharmony - therefore flow and productivity for example, in your Business chakras, organs, endocrines, 3 Brains, Soul Purpose and Alignment.  - Reach out and discuss the best option for you and your Biz.

So if I am speaking your Souls language - It is Time - You are Ready to courageously walk an empowered Path as you release, rewire, repair, recalibrate, reconnect, realign, remember and return. And you need a Guide and Spirit team?

A guide that has extensive training, thousands of hours of practitioner experience over the last 17 years, working with thousands of men and women all over the world + someone who has walked the Path, not from a text-book - and IS walking her Path, being Flawsome with you, vulnerability, courageously, Embodying her own Light with each moment of Grace.

Every experience we have is a Fractal of Love, share my Star Team.

Deep down, you know that your health, emotional and life challenges are an opportunity for great healing to take place, and you want nurturing and compassionate support.

This leads you back to Love.   The Truth of All that IS.


My Multi-Faceted approach allows me to intuitively see, feel, hear and know what your BodyMind and Soul is ready to reveal for accessing healing and change. I will compassionately assist YOU to release your core wounds, traumas, patterns and the ‘I am not good enough’ stories. These deep ‘energetic blockages’ are often the symptoms presenting as your health and emotional issues.

I will provide you with supportive 'high frequency' and 'Source encoded Light Tools', clarity and intuitive guidance for your health and well-being.

Modalities and tools such as  (but not limited) BodyTalk Energy Medicine, Intuitive Energy Healing, Spiritual Mentoring, Past Life Healing, dIAMond Light Language Healing and Activations, Crystal Medicine, Sound Healing, Soul Readings, Channelling and Guidance from my Spirit helpers - White Feather and the Star Team.

I gently and powerfully tune into the Holographic Matrix and bring through Wisdom from my Team and Spirit to offer what you need in the moment, each time.

With my own unique blend of Soul Mentoring, which is guiding, nurturing and compassionately empowering you to honour your own Soul Self-Care, and respecting your own self accountability.

YOU BEing the change you wish to SEE and have in your health, life, relationships or business.
And ME seeing the Light and holding the space for you to HEAL, Awaken, discover more of the TRUTH that is WISDOM within you, as you EMBODY more of your own GRACE filled Light, and SEE your SELF more fully.



BodyMind and Soul Intuitive Sessions and Packages - This is how we will work together

To begin, choose a 90 minute BodyMind & Soul Session from the Online Booking section. This applies to you if you are looking for a Soul Reading and Chanelling as my Team and I will address the 'whole'.

After 2-3 few weeks 'Integration' phase, depending on your health, emotional or medical situation, to continue, we follow up beginning a much deeper Journey together as you choose a package that suits your needs and budget.

Please note due to my Return to Grace Membership Community, Crystal and Jewellery Shop, Writing, Soul Spectrum Alignment Code Sessions (coming soon) and my new Heart and Soul Quest to Mastery Group I work with a limited number of people who truly want deep Transformation each month.

By making a committed investment to your ongoing health, well-being and Soul Journey we can align our schedules and allow for the Heart and Soul Transformation you truly desire.

All sessions are non-invasive, gentle, nurturing, pain-free and guiding. There is no judgement, only a loving space for vulnerability and healing.  Most clients over Skype can feel me and my Team working on them. We enter a Sacred temple together and we invite in the Divine. 

All sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom or a Remote BMS session. ( I no longer see new clients in person )

I take into account your Whole health and Soul Self. Regardless of whether you have a medical label or diagnosis and invite you to 'get out of your own way' so we can dig deep.   My goal is to allow what needs to be ‘addressed’, ‘heard or ‘seen’ to surface, get to the core of energy blockages, stresses, discover what is not communicating, what needs repair and to clear cellular stories that you no longer need to hold onto. Look at your Soul Blueprint, contracts, Universal and Cosmic connections to your situation and what you are here to learn and evolve through. Where wisdom can be gained and We work as a Team with my Team, and this allows the space for you to heal naturally and a have a shift in your consciousness, over a series of sessions.

Each session addresses the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, biochemical, and DNA levels of you.    Areas include:

There is a Light which cannot ever be extinguished. It is inside you. It is you. – Neale Donald Walsch

  • depression and anxiety
  • stress and related conditions
  • Fibromyalgia, CFS, adrenal fatigue,
  • neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • joint pain and inflammation
  • headaches and migraines
  • digestive issues
  • immune system
  • asthma, eczema, breathing issues
  • low libido
  • menstrual cycles
  • fertility, natural conception and pregnancy support
  • healing and balancing after pregnancy and c-sections
  • support and healing after miscarriage
  • IVF support
  • insomnia and sleeping
  • viruses, bacteria and infections
  • hormonal imbalances
  • e-motional blocks
  • traumas – past and present
  • unresolved past life patterns
  • supressed e-motions of fear, grief, worry, anger, sadness
  • confidence and self esteem
  • trust and closed off heart
  • kundalini awakening symptoms
  • Dark Night of the Soul cycles
  • family, relationship and communication blocks
  • feeling disconnected to your Soul and Spirit
  • re-connecting with your life purpose
  • tapping into your innate joy, drive and passions
  • unlocking your creative energy
  • diagnosed or labelled illness or dis-ease


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