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The only purpose of life is to be our self, live our truth and be the love that we are. - Anita Moorjani

You are unique and so are your healing needs. It would be an honour to work together as a team for your transformation.

I ‘get’ that you are unique, there is no-one that has your cellular memories, your life experiences and your karmic patterns.

I see your light, and magnificence as a Soul. You are amazing, gifted and infinitely powerful.

You make a difference to the world, just by being in it….yes you do!

work with VanessaMy passion and quest is to work with women and men on a conscious and spiritual path, who know that there is a ‘bigger picture’ to their life and Souls journey. They wish to take responsibility for their ‘stuff’, and they are powerfully seeking change, peeling off the onion layers and embracing the ‘self’ flaws and all.   I also love supporting women in Business. Your biz is a reflection of you, and it has an energetic blueprint, it is a living being.  Digging deep into your core fears, worries, or other e-motions you could be experiencing in your business, is the same as tuning into the Bodymind and Soul of you.   I just look through a slightly different lens.  You will be surprised what stories your business is holding onto a how the chakras, organs, endocrines, brain, and systems of your business can be 'imbalanced'. 

Is this you? Or are you ready to courageously walk this path and need a guide?

Deep down, you know that your health, emotional and life challenges are an opportunity for great healing to take place, and you want nurturing and compassionate support.

I am able to intuitively see, feel, hear and know what your BodyMind and Soul wishes to let go, heal and repair. I will help and guide you to release core wounds, traumas, patterns and the ‘I am not good enough’ stories. These deep ‘energetic blockages’ are often the symptoms presenting as your health and emotional issues.

I will provide you with supportive tools, clarity and intuitive guidance for your health and wellbeing.  At each session I draw upon the many tools in my toolbox, from the past 16 years. Such as Intuitive Energy Healing, Spiritual Mentoring, BodyTalk, Liquid Crystals, Past Life Regression Therapy, Past Life Clearing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Soul Readings for guidance and clarity and much more.  

I connect with Spirit, and my guides and support ‘A’ team to assist your healing.

Each session is aimed at respecting your ‘innate wisdom’, and listening to what it needs to heal and in what order, at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

With my own unique blend of mentoring, which is nurturing, holding you powerfully up to your own self accountability, you being the change you wish to see in your life, and me seeing the light and holding the space for you to heal.


BodyMind and Soul Intuitive Sessions and packages - how we can work together

During your sessions, I take into account your whole health and whole self. Regardless of whether you have a medical label or diagnosis, I connect intuitively with Spirit, my guides and tune-into your BodyMind. My goal is to allow what needs to be ‘addressed’, ‘heard or ‘seen’ to surface, get to the core of energy blockages, stresses, discover what is not communicating, what needs repair and to clear cellular stories that you no longer need to hold onto. We work as a team, and this allows the space for you to heal naturally and a have a shift in your consciousness, over a series of sessions.

These sessions are non-invasive, gentle, nurturing, pain-free and guiding. You are always fully clothed and your confidentiality is respected. There is no judgement, only a loving space for vulnerability and healing.

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I draw upon my toolbox of modalities to assist you with a wide range of symptoms, conditions and life areas. Each session addresses the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, biochemical, and DNA levels of you.    Areas include:

There is a light which cannot ever be extinguished. It is inside you. It is you. – Neale Donald Walsch

  • depression and anxiety
  • stress and related conditions
  • Fibromyalgia, CFS, adrenal fatigue,
  • neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • joint pain and inflammation
  • headaches and migraines
  • digestive issues
  • immune system
  • asthma, eczema, breathing issues
  • low libido
  • menstrual cycles
  • fertility, natural conception and pregnancy support
  • healing and balancing after pregnancy and c-sections
  • support and healing after miscarriage
  • IVF support
  • insomnia and sleeping
  • viruses, bacteria and infections
  • hormonal imbalances
  • e-motional blocks
  • traumas – past and present
  • unresolved past life patterns
  • supressed e-motions of fear, grief, worry, anger, sadness
  • confidence and self esteem
  • trust and closed off heart
  • kundalini awakening symptoms
  • Dark Night of the Soul cycles
  • family, relationship and communication blocks
  • feeling disconnected to your Soul and Spirit
  • re-connecting with your life purpose
  • tapping into your innate joy, drive and passions
  • unlocking your creative energy
  • diagnosed or labelled illness or dis-ease


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