Connect with your Star Family


Connect with your Star Family lineage through this potent dIAMond Light Language Transmission. Receive Light-Encoded messages, Healing Love and a Frequency Alignment to Re-Unite you, to feel supported by, and more connected to your Star Family origins.



If you often feel disconnected or separate from your Soul HOME – the place where your Soul knows it originates. That sense of your connection to all that is – you will enjoy the Light Codes and Resonance of this special gift that my Starry Team asked me to Channel.

Perhaps you are navigating a Kundalini Awakening or health and emotional crisis, or at a crossroads. You know that deep change is taking place within you, and you are questioning your Quest here on Earth at this time. You may feel separate and alone, wondering why you are here. Sensitive and empathic to ALL.

This Transmission may also support your young children and teenagers who may also be feeling disconnected, unsafe to be themselves, overwhelmed or confused about their current Earthly incarnation, and how they fit in and belong.

This truly Divine Transmission is 14.40 minutes in duration.

May if offer you the Love and the Remembrance of your origins, to support you through Universal and Cosmic Upgrades and the times when life feels a little wobbly. A high-frequency tool that allows you to experience your Earthly human dIAMond experience, with the knowing that your Star Family are supporting you and holding space for you, with great Love, Compassion and Honour.

Like all of my Light Language Transmissions, there is more than you can imagine in ‘potentials’ that can be experienced. Each person who listens and receives – has their own unique experience, because YOU are unique and special. Here on Earth – making your difference in the World – in the Multi-verse, by Being YOU in this Sacred moment in time.

This has been divinely channelled, holding the sacredness of Light and my Star Team, as I brought through the encoded frequency, messages and Ancient Wisdom.