Return to Grace Heart Meditation and Light Language – Healing Meditation


Receive a deeper connection to ALL that you are, through the Energy of Grace in this powerful audio Meditation and Healing.



Returning to the essence of our Grace, through our Heart, is something we are doing in each moment. It is part of our healing, our un-learning of conditionings, our Spiritual amnesia and the veils that blind us from Remembering all that we are. As Spiritual seekers and Awakening human beings – we all yearn for the deeper understanding of our multidimensional Self, even if we do not always real-eyes this.

We are experiencing these subtle shifts in our day to day human walk, and most especially during our most challenging times. We do not often consider conflict as a gift, nor offering us any Moments of Grace – however these times are what guide us to our own individual Wisdom.

Through the Heart, and for the Soul.

This channelled Healing Meditation audio is 20.56 minutes in duration.

I invite you to create a Sacred and Still peaceful space to Receive the Light-Codes and healing vibrations through this special Gift, from my Heart to yours.

Like all of my Transmissions – they are divinely channelled, holding the sacredness of Light and my Star Team, as I bring through the encoded frequency, messages and Ancient Wisdom.