Lost Your Sparkle?

Need a BodyMind clear and polish, so

You are Free to BE all of your Unique Facets?


 Have you tried just about every medical avenue, yet still cannot find
your healthy sparkle or happiness?

Would you like to connect with your cellular memory, to enable your body and mind to let go, and heal deeply at the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and dna levels?


 Do you want clarity and be guided intuitively to support your daily stresses?

Do you want to re-connect with your Spiritual Self and understand your life journey?


I can help you SPARKLE again

                     ... as living your brilliance is part of your dna

Did you know - you are a precious Diamond that just needs some tender loving
care and attention, so your true brilliance and beautiful facets are uncovered.

You Truly are Brilliant and I offer you a
Pathway to Healing, Transformation and Freedom

I can support and address all of your unique facets.  Did you know that your amazing BodyMind has 12 unique systems plus energy systems? 

Supporting the Whole of You
, is vital to giving you solutions to managing your stress, re-igniting your happiness and allowing you to enjoy a life that is rich in health, wealth and happiness.

Many of the services I offer you, connect with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, dna levels, plus potential imbalances stemming from your foetal life -  to powerfully shift patterns.  When you understand that pain, illness and unhappiness could be the result of a combination of factors, that are not getting along and communicating within your BodyMind.....then harmony can be restored and it can heal and be,as it is meant to naturally BE.


Vanessa Sumner Brisbane BodyTalk practitioner, Pyschic , Chakra Balancing

Together, lets discover the brilliance and beauty of your Inner Diamond facets - Contact me now on 0408 493 873 or Book online via the SHOP


Shine Bright like a dIAMond

Vanessa Faith-Anya ♥




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