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Lost Your Sparkle?

Have you forgotten who you truly are?


and you are just in different stages

of remembering this

Do you need a BodyMind clear and polish, so

You are Free to BE all of Your Unique Facets?

Have you tried just about every medical avenue, yet still cannot find
your healthy sparkle or happiness

Do you want to Awaken? (Wake-Up)

Do you want to harness and own your personal power?

Do you want to re-connect with your Spiritual Self and understand your life journey?

Are you wanting to really heal your core wounds you have brought in to heal this lifetime?

Would you like to connect with your BodyMinds cellular memory, to enable your body and mind to let go,and heal deeply at the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and DNA levels?


 Do you want clarity and intuitive guidance to support your life right now?


I can help you remember,
and SPARKLE again


  ... as living your brilliance is part of your DNA
(dIAMond Natural Awesomeness)

Did you know - you are a precious human dIAMond that needs some tender loving
care and attention, so that you can remember the true brilliance that is already within you.

You Truly are Magnificent, and I offer you a Pathway to Healing, Transformation and Freedom

I can support your unique facets.  Did you know that your amazing BodyMind has 12 unique systems plus energy systems? 

You are Consciousness and part of the Holographic whole of all consciousness. 
Everything is Energy - you are Energy.

Did you know that it is common to experience health changes, or even an illness as a sign of your Spiritual Awakening. Other lifestyle changes may appear in the form of changes to your job, friends, beliefs and even your core values. You may begin to be more sensitive to negative people, foods, tv, the news, crowds. You may even see the world differently, feel a sense of not fitting in or even lost.   You are an evolving being and perhaps this is why you have come to visit me here today.  

Supporting the whole of you, is my passion. Helping you to
remember who you truly are - so you can Shine.  

The services I offer you, connect with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, DNA levels, plus potential imbalances stemming from your foetal life, and unresolved past life issues.  



Together, lets discover the brilliance and beauty of your Inner dIAMond facets - Contact me now on 0408 493 873 or Book online via the SHOP


Shine Bright like the Human dIAMond that you truly are

Vanessa Faith-Anya




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