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Welcome Beautiful Soul ...
Are you unwell, and struggling with accepting and loving yourself through your ongoing challenges?

Have you lost confidence in who you are, and what you are doing with your life?

Do you feel unseen and unheard?

Do you struggle with perfectionism and letting go?

Do you want to re-connect with your true self?



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 Medical Intuitive & Energy Healing 

*Introductory session

I can tune in with Spirit to help you shift a priority block at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Are you experiencing health issues and emotional rollercoaster rides, and you have exhausted the medical options.

You know that there is more to you, and your soul and the bigger picture of what is going on? On some level you know this a life ‘wake up’, or an opportunity for great healing to take place?

Do you want someone to intuitively help and guide you to clear core wounds, patterns and let go of the self love issues.

Do you want to re-connect with you? 

 Do you want clarity and intuitive guidance to support your life right now?

Do you want gentle, non-invasive processes to help you uncover the stories your bodymind and cells are storing, so you can be free of the pain and patterns?

I can help you heal and let go

I can help you see and hear yourself

It is safe for you to heal

It is safe for you to be well

It is safe for you to SPARKLE again

I believe we are all human dIAMonds who are perfectly imperfect. We are all special and unique, and we all make a difference to this world, just by being in it.

I am here to offer you a Pathway to Healing, Soul Transformation and Your Freedom

I work intuituively, wholistically and energetically to connect with your whole bodymind. You are made up of 12 unique systems plus energy systems. Each session addresses the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, factoring in past life and inherited elements to your health and emotional situation.

Did you know that it is common to experience health challenges, or even an illness as a sign of your Spiritual Awakening.  Are you reasessing your life and what you want?  Do you want to be doing more of what makes your heart sing and are there endings and changes with your friendships, beliefs and even your core values.  Are you increasingly sensitive to negative people, foods, tv, the news, crowds. Do you see and sense the world differently, or feel a sense of not fitting in, or even lost.   Just breathe and know that you are not alone. You are an evolving being and perhaps this is why you have come to visit me here today.  

Supporting the whole of you, is my divine purpose

Helping you to re-remember who you truly are


  Contact me now on 0408 493 873 or Book online via the SHOP


Shine Bright like the Human dIAMond that you truly are

Vanessa Sumner




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