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You are unique and so are your healing needs. I am dedicated to supporting your whole health, and whole self. Let’s begin.
Discover how I can help you to let go and heal, love and reconnect to yourself. As a team, supporting you through your health and life challenges.
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Welcome Beautiful dIAMond Soul...

Are you tired, stressed, and in pain physically and emotionally?

Are you struggling with accepting and loving yourself through your current challenges?

Are you experiencing health issues and have exhausted the medical options? Tired of the ‘treating symptoms’ and medication approach?

Do you want an intuitive, gentle, non-invasive, natural alternative that allows your body to let go of e-motional pain and heal itself?

Have you lost confidence in who you are, and what you are doing with your life?

Do you want to deep Soul dive into the ‘perfectionism’, ‘I am not enough and not loveable‘ stories, to set yourself free?

Do you want Energy Healing support through your Awakening and Kundalini cycles?

Do you want to find your ‘voice’ and make your difference in the world, simply by being the best possible version of you?

You are special and unique, and you make a difference to the world just by being in it

I can help YOU

To heal and let go - to see and hear yourself

It is safe for you to heal - it is safe for you to be well

It is time for you to SPARKLE again

I Am here to be of Service, and make my difference to the world, just by being ME. Along my Path, I have had many ‘Awakening-Up’ calls to embrace and own my natural Intuitive gifts, and share them.  I AM a Multi-Faceted Soul Healer, Channel and Grace Guide.  Under this Cosmic umbrella lies 17 years of experience, working with thousands of people all over the World.  Tools such as : Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, BodyTalk Practitioner, Past Life Therapist, dIAMond Light Language Channel, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant,  and Spiritual Mentor.  I have navigated many major health and life challenges, and these times offered me the greatest teaching and healing opportunities for my Soul.  They allowed for a deeper acceptance and compassion for myself, flaws and all, Ancient Wisdom and new (old) Healing gifts to emerge, so that I may continue to be of Service, and support others on their Soul Journey.   

I am ‘Imperfectly Perfect ‘ and so are YOU. I am dedicated to helping YOU let go, to heal, to embrace and accept yourself, through your health and life challenges. To help you SEE your Self in all its Glory. To Awaken your Heart, See and Know your Truth as a Multi-dimensional Being of Light.  I offer you a space of compassion, access to high-frequency tools to support your Self, and my Divine Purpose is to help you Remember and Reconnect with this Truth.

Shine Bright like the Human dIAMond that you truly are

I am here to offer you a Pathway to Healing, Soul Transformation and Your Freedom.


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Vanessa has been instrumental in empowering me to move through my physical, emotional, spiritual and mind baggage... Let me start by sharing that what the world needs now is more Vanessa Sumners’. Seriously Vanessa is one of the most brilliant and professional energy healers and medical intuitives I have worked with. My name is Wendy Watego Ittensohn and I am a Aboriginal women from Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) on my Mother’s side and a South Continue

February 29, 2016


Vanessa is one of the most powerful healers I have encountered in all the years I have been seeing 'alternative' practitioners. The first session I had with her was a 'distance' healing and I could feel my body physically experiencing her work in a way that I hadn't felt with other healers who were right there in the room with me. Her ability is incredible and so aligned with Spirit. She was able to help Continue

February 29, 2016


Vanessa's knowledge of the Mind, Body and Soul is truly astounding... For more than 30 years I have been involved in Spiritual work & have occasionally crossed paths with some incredibly gifted people who work in my field. In a world that's hankering for good, authentic knowledge that's based on years of great experience & wise teachings, it's incredibly refreshing to meet a beautiful lady whose amazing work really stands out from the crowd. I Continue

April 4, 2016