Benefits of Saging and Energy Cleaning

benefits of saging

Are you looking for simple, affordable tools to clear and maintain your home or office space. Saging is a great choice. It allows for the releasing of old, stuck or blocked energy hanging around, opening up this freshly cleared space for new to enter. Consider how much time you spend in your home and work environment. With other people and their energy coming and going in the space, perhaps there has been disagreements or lots of emotional stress. If you regularly meditate, or you are a healer, it is important to keep the energy clear.

If you or your space feels a little flat, or the vibe is low, perhaps this is another indication that a good saging will help.

How to use loose White Sage to clear energies

I prefer to use loose white sage (US Californian white sage), it has a gentle pleasant natural smell and you can monitor the amount you use each time.

If you cannot source loose sage, purchase a smudge stick from your local metaphysical or online store.

Wear old clothes if you can, simply due to the smoke. I also like to open up as many windows as possible and turn on the fans in the main areas of my house. Choose to sage on a lovely windy day if you can.

Place a small amount of loose leaves in a bowl that can take heat, for example a terracotta pot or dish, not glass, and then light the sage with a long match. Wait for the flame to build and start burning the sage, cradle your bowl with a small towel as it may get hot, and then I suggest you lean over your kitchen sink, just incase small pieces of ash escape, as you gently blow out the flame. Quite often the flame will burn itself out and smoke will billow up without the need to blow it out.

Now…I am not one for hard and fast rules, so let us keep the ritual simple. I walk about my house, the bedrooms, my healing room, crystals, and office space and let the smoke rise up. My intention is for any ‘old’ energy to simply be ‘released’ up and out, returning to the Universe as neutral energy. It is really about your intentions, and if you wish to create your own mantra or prayer you may do so.

How often should I sage?

Follow your intuition is always my first answer. However as a general suggestion, you may choose to sage your home or healing space every 4-6 weeks. If you have regular family gatherings or events in your home, or there is a lot going on, stress with family dynamics for example, you may like to do it more often.

You will need to light new portions of loose sage to do your whole house.

You should notice a clearing and more peace and calm usually very soon after.

Finally, let the ash completely cool before discarding.

Allergies and animals

If you or family members have respiratory issues such as asthma or you are not sure if you will like the smell, perhaps do it on a day when there is no one home. Or do not do the bedrooms of those family members. If you smoke the areas where your animals are, just take note of their reaction and go gently.

As a substitute, you could choose a different method of ‘clearing’ such as clearing and energising the vibration with Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls, with crystals, or an Energy Clearing and Space Myst.

Gratitude, Grace and Love


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