Soul Spectrum Alignment Session


{ PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are currently closed for Soul Spectrum Alignments. I will update this in 2022, when they become available to Book. Thank You}.


Support your Soul and Earthly Journey with next-level Light encoded Alignment and Activation.  Receive your uniquely personalised Soul Spectrum Song as I tune in at Multi-dimensional levels to channel a potent ‘forever’ tool and healing resource for your Soul Awakening to Remembrance.

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As we evolving each day into a deepening Conscious awareness of our Presence on Earth, to really Be Present, and to real-eyes what is required of us as individual Souls, and as part of the Collective Consciousness – vibrationally high frequency energy tools are vital to our Human walk.

My Spirit Team shares that we are all a part of the pure Light Spectrum.

Your Soul Spectrum Alignment will High-Lighten UP your True Essence, and Expand your Multi-dimensional Presence while you are here on Earth.

You are a Gift – are you ready to Un-Wrap and Reveal more of your Light Quotient !

This IS for You if you

  • Are committed to your Souls evolution and healing.
  • Wish to embody a deeper responsibility for your life, health and Soul journey.
  • Are aware that everything is energetically Connected at Quantum levels.
  • Know that as you Awaken more of your DNA, and embody facets of your Lights full spectrum that you are honouring your Self, but also the planet, all other beings and the Universe – and this is important to you.
  • You may be new to this ‘stuff’ but have a deep inner Knowing and have been guided to this Alignment.
  • You are ready to open up to more, crack open your Heart and allow your Soul Light to connect with pure Source.
  • Are not afraid to have shadows cast and highlighted to heal and expand through. You know the Journey may surface what has been hidden, neglected, rejected and forgotten, and there may be an integration phase (each time you listen).
  • You want your Souls Truth to be revealed, and know that you will not be given anything you cannot handle. This is how your Soul, and Source works.
  • You are open to whatever is offered by way of this unique Soul Spectrum Alignment, and choose to surrender to all that is possible.
  • You wish to Return to more of the frequency state of Grace.