Harmonic Soul Template


{ PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are currently closed for Harmonic Soul Templates. I will update this if/ when they become available to Book. Thank You}.


During your personalised Harmonic Soul Template I go into sacred ceremony with specific Andara crystals and your ‘intentions’. I am guided to Channel, draw, sing, tone, sign, and anchor in Healing Light Codes and Activation codes to support your healing path, Spiritual Awakening and Return to Grace – your Remembrance !

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Your Harmonic Soul Template (HST), is a holographic high-vibe tool for creating a shift in Energy for your BodyMind and Soul. The Universe is made up of Light, Sound and Sacred Geometry – so too are we. When I tune in – I feel, see, hear, know and experience many Sacred Dimensional experiences – which is translated via drawing, song and tones for you.

This is a popular option for many of my 1:1 clients, or for new clients and customers who may want a personalised Frequency Tool to journey with daily, and support a specific ‘pattern, recurring wound theme, a physical and emotional issue, or to gain dimensional-clarity on their Soul path.

To read My Story on how the HST came to BE, scroll towards the end of this page.

The HST works on many levels

  • Beyond the limits of the mental mind, of space or time.
  • Aiming for your innate-wisdom and Soul frequency to re-code to a new harmonising state.
  • I Intuitively Choose 2-3 Rare Andaras to work with during your HST – this will be included in the photos for you to receive Activations and Healing.
  • As I tune into your BMS, I sing, tone and sign DLL as I draw – it is quite a unique and detailed process.
  • It may contain number sequences and other coding or imagery that may feel familiar, or a has deep knowing for you.
  • Specific Colours are used to connect with Colour Rays you may need via the ‘Harmonics’.
  • It is quite common for many people to release tears and other emotions when they see the template and hear the audio – as I am connecting deeply to their Soul.
  • Your interpretation and experience will be unique – just like you.
  • There are no limits to its use, simply receive and allow, without rules and expectations.
  • You can also Book a HST for your children, loved one or pet for healing
  • It is a great stand-alone tool to Journey with, or arrange prior to Booking your Soul Spectrum Alignment, and to support your 1:1 BodyMind and Soul sessions with me.

After you Book your HST – I require


  • A photo where I can see your face/eyes and your DOB
  • Please allow a timeframe of approximately 2 weeks for completion, depending on my schedule / wait lists. I will email you (using the email you provide via PayPal) upon receiving your booking to give you an estimated date of when I will channel your HST. You do not need to be present – this is done remotely.
  • Contact me via FB Heart and Soul Transformations to connect, as I like to send you many photos, and this is the most streamlined way.
  • Email me at healing@vanessasumner.com with a brief paragraph or two of an area in your life, health, wellbeing, or Soul path, that you would like support with.

After I complete your HST

  • I will email your Audio file (approx. 10-15 minutes)
  • I will send you multiple images of the Andaras and Template via FB Messenger (or email if need by) in JPG format – for you to Journey with.

Journeying with your Template (suggestions)

  • Use it as a screensaver on your phone/desktop to emit frequency and to view often as a healing top-up
  • Print a copy to have beside your bed
  • Place your favourite Andara or Crystal on/near it
  • Meditate, sit, and simply BE with your HST
  • You can enlarge snapshots of specific codes you may wish to focus on – trust your intuition
  • Your HST may contain extra emailed information/key words/insights for you to connect in with
  • Use it for focusing on areas of your health, life, wellbeing, Soul.
  • PS if you are purchasing one for a child, loved one or a pet, you can place their PHOTO on the template. Intention is everything, so photo facing up or down is perfect – do not worry about doing it wrong – there simply IS.


My Story

Ever since I was a little girl I have drawn codes, stars, geometry and imagery. Over the last 10 years, during client sessions I would draw particular codes and imagery on my client notes without real-eyes’ing the significance.

I would be tuning into a clients brain, or liver or uterus and draw sequences of markings for shifting and clearing of energy. When I conducted remote sessions, I would sing and tone sound but not record it, as I was still understanding the energetics.

A few years ago, after my most recent Kundalini Awakening, almost everything in my Beingness changed – and my Alchemical Healing Voice awakened.

I began to Sing and Tone the Language of Light. Tones of the Shamans and Elders, the Ancients, Masters and Galactic Starry Beings came through me.

As a Light Language Channel and Visionary – I was shown by my Spirit Team to create Templates for specific areas of my own health, life or business – to create Frequency Shifts.

Then to also offer this service as a High-Vibe Tool, to support others with these dynamic ‘Holographic’ layered drawings. As they evolved, I began to include personalised audio messages and Light Language transmissions to take it to the next-level !

I was shown that the Codes and specific colours I use to draw and layer, are unique to each person for their current state of health, wellbeing and ‘Remembrance’ needs.

After almost 18 years offering Intuitive Soul Readings and Guidance sessions – this IS the higher frequency option from Me and my Spirit and Starry Team.  It is a more effective too, with it bypassing your mental logical mind – it reaches deep within your Cells and your Soul.

Note:  If you are looking for deep, ongoing health, wellbeing, medical and Spiritual Mentoring and support – please start with a 60 minute BodyMind and Soul Session.