Home Harmony Healing Package


The focus of your HHH is to Shift Energy and clear old stagnant or stuck energy and disharmony. To create a new Harmonious Frequency for your home, land and family dynamics – supporting your life, health and wellbeing on all levels.

I tune into all family members – including your pets !

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For full details and the many benefits, please visit this web page and scroll down to the HHH section https://www.vanessasumner.com/bodymind-and-soul-sessions/

A Home Harmony Healing for the Energy dynamics of your home, family, and pets is a powerful way to clear ‘stuck’ energy patterns or release negative unwanted energies.

It is great for family members who are not sleeping well, feeling stressed, have money concerns, anxious and worrying, or have health issues. For children who may been experiencing nightmares, sensing Spirits or stressed-out by study and school life.

It is supportive if you have had renovations, are selling your home, or just moved into a new home, or renting. If you are trying to conceive, have had major family or life events, or there is upheaval, unforgiveness, illness, loss, and grief. Relationship breakdowns, communication issues, separation or divorces benefit highly from this form of energetic clearing.

Decluttering your home of physical ‘stuff’ is 1 thing. Wafting white sage is helpful – but this deeper ‘big picture’ clearing is transforming.

Your ‘energetic health’ of your home, the occupants and living environment, can have a direct influence on your well-being, and energy fields. And therefore, your general feelings of centredness, peace, and a healthier connection to your Self and your Souls purpose.

The focus of this HHH is to Shift Energy, and create a new Harmonious Frequency for your Home, land and family.

My Multi-faceted approach – this can be life-changing. Many of my health and well-being clients also choose this option to support their ongoing healing sessions, family ‘stuff, and allowing for further clearing. I tune-in, energetically ‘walking’ the space of your home and land and tuning into the needs of the occupants.

Accessing the ‘priority’ areas to be addressed, working my ‘magic’ with Energy clearing, Light Language, receiving Messages and Guidance from my Spirit Team to share with you.


After you make your Booking

I will contact you by email with a questionnaire and require a basic drawing of your property, house and occupants.  I will also give you an indication of when I will tune into your home, which I do remotely. You are not required to meet with me via Skype.

Please allow approximately a 2 week time-frame to receive your HHH package.  (wait-lists permitting)


You will receive

A detailed MP3 report of the Healing for your home/land, + any actions detailed out for you to follow through with the clearing from your end.

  • Please note: Crystals or other tools, IF suggested are an additional cost to you.

PS…do you run a business from home?  It is a great choice prior to booking your Business BodyMind and Soul package to have my Intuitive eyes see, feel, know and hear into your Sacred space.  If you scroll to the bottom of the BodyMind and Soul web page you will discover how I can energetically support your Business Energy !