Own your Power – be your own Guru

own your power

On your Spiritual Journey, have you ever admired and adored someone so much that you think they are just the bees-knees?

Perhaps it has been a parent or friend, a well known leader or public figure, a teacher, mentor or practitioner? You may hang off their every word, you follow their ways, perhaps even their beliefs. You just want to hang out where they hang out, do what they do, and learn everything from them? Maybe you want to BE just like them?

This can sometimes get out of ‘balance’ and be a slippery slope into giving away your own power, and forgetting that you can be your own Guru. We are here to BE ourselves, not someone else.

Just for a moment, stop and breathe into you belly, your Solar Plexus Chakra area.

This is approximately a hands width above your belly button.

Traits of this energy centre or chakra are: strength, power, acceptance, rejection, tolerance, intolerance, sadness and joy, wisdom, your psychic centre – gut instinct, your centre of identity, feelings of empowerment or disempowerment. A key area connected to the digestion of life and assimilation of life experiences. It relates to your digestive system and surrounding organs such as liver, spleen, gall bladder, stomach, and your pancreas, an endocrine.

I often get into this discussion with clients and pose the question -why not be your own Guru?

Put yourself on your own pedestal if you must ! Stand tall and proud in all that you are, ALL that YOU represent in the world.

Please hear me correctly – I feel it is absolutely wonderful to be thankful, grateful and admire and totally recognize someone else for what they bring to your life and journey – in the balance of knowing that, you are both equal. There is NO separation between you as beings, no gain of power, no loss of power, does this make sense?

No Guru-ising is necessary – ever !!

Every human is flawed with their perfect imperfections. Placing others above us or below us is not necessary, nor healthy for either person. Your power vessel is precious, don’t drain it and give it away to another person. This will reflect in your body, health and your emotional wellbeing.

I have known people who have been so deep down the slippery slope, they forget aspects of who they are. They become blinded in thinking everything that their guru or mentor says is right and the absolute truth. They lose their own sense of truth, being and strength. I feel this can block our own wisdom coming through as well.

Our truth is changing and evolving, just as we are. Have you noticed how you believed something even a year or two ago, but now you don’t. Your thoughts have changed, your DNA has changed, because you are changing beautiful one.

As humans we tend to only hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see at any given time.

When we adopt or take on another’s belief systems and live on every word, we may forget the gifts of our own power, and the potent truth of our own truth. Ofcourse sometimes this happens as part of our growth, we choose or call forth such an experience to learn something and we cannot control everything.

Have you experienced this in your life? I have, a long while ago and it was a great learning lesson for me.

Are you doing this right now, are you caught in a web or pattern ? Breathe into your Solar Plexus – how does this area feel? Strong, empowered, wise, knowing, or weak, sluggish, controlled, disempowered or confused ?
We are full of our own wisdom, gifts and beautiful perfect human flawed magnificence. We are full of gems, and multi-dimensional facets of uniqueness.

When we spend time discovering more of what makes us unique, we will be amazed at the wisdom that emanates from our Soul, our true being. This may require stillness, quietness and much reflection. May you create time for this in your day beautiful Soul.

Gratitude, Grace and Love


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