Head Heart + Gut Brain – Digestion – Microbiome – Session + LL Transmission


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Head Heart + Gut Brain – Digestion – Microbiome – Session + LL Transmission

  • On Special – limited time

Hello and Welcome,

I record BodyMind and Soul + Light Language Transmission sessions in unique LIGHT CONTAINER. So that when you listen/receive them via mp3 format – they can assist you in that NOW moment, at any stage in your journey. You receive the same potent healing and activation potentials via interacting with the frequency at the time.

Duration of this Session is expansive. 1 hour 27 mins and 55 seconds.

Including detailed Microbiome information, mentoring, Light Language Transmission and gentle practical Neurosensory exercises for you to do.

Once your Order goes through, you will receive an Email with the Downloadable mp3 file. This is yours to save to your own device.

  • It is not to be shared or distributed.

Any Q’s please email me : healing@vanessasumner.com



After the recent BIG FEW MONTHS of eclipses, upgrades, life stuff and Ascension experiences that so many are navigating – I have been guided by my Team to offer support for your BodyMind and Soul on the following themes/areas.

Are you ready to RECEIVE and RECALIBRATE and RECODE with Care for these parts of your BodyMind !

I tuned in on Thursday June 1st 2023 at Noon (Brisbane AEST)  – recorded in a Light Container, and emailed to you after.

Themes/Areas are : Gut Brain, Microbiome, Digestion – Stress – Emotional influences of stored grief, anger, fear, worry, sadness, Small Intestines/Heart Relationship as you are releasing veils and distortions on your Ascension process.  I may also be taken to supporting your Vagus Nerve and Nervous System connection.

  • The theme/areas I note above are ‘outlined’, PLUS it is also organic on the day as I tune in, and also channel Light Language Transmissions + the full BodyMind Soul session for a group Collective dynamic.  You will be supported with whatever your innate wisdom and BodyMind and Soul requires.
  • this is a REPLAY Frequency Medicine Tool – you do not have to be present at the time.  When you listen to it ‘ you Receive’ the full Download of Healing and Transmissions.
  • You will receive an EMAIL after, of the MP3 Recording of the Event, and it will be email to you within 24 hours ( usually within a few hours of me tuning in is what I do).
  • This is yours to keep as a forever tool to download and save to your own device.


** Please clear your cache, cookies or trial a different browser if you are having any download concerns, before emailing me. This usually sorts out any challenges with downloads.

Please email me if you have any questions   – healing@vanessasumner.com.



*** Here’s to breaking-through more distortions, illusions and ‘stuff’, as well as reharmonising and downloading dynamic support and potentials from the Zero Point.

I am honoured to be a Light Guide for you, during this Event

With Gratitude,

Vanessa Sumner


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