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Hi gorgeous !

(Please Note : I am unavailable from July 14 through to August 1st 2023 to respond to Bookings as I am on leave. If you book during this time, I will schedule your Reading when I am back – there will not be a long wait time, as I only open up a few spots available to keep balance to my schedule)

  • Do you want some straight talking, compassionate Stellar guidance, clarity and wisdom to support your path-way?

+ An the extra Bonus of Frequency healing to support a current life chapter?

  • Perhaps you wish for me to connect with a loved one, or pet who has passed.

Or tune into your BodyMind for a Medical Intuitive scan for some awareness.

  • I can tune into ANY area of your Health, Wellness, (body scan), Children, Pets, Past and other Lifetimes, Business, Soul journey – Purpose and Gifts !


Nothing is off limits – because I am connected to the Zero Point – Source of All when I hold space for you.


In our Humanness, we all have blind-spots, and we can get in our own way.

Sometimes the Illuminating torch (and Love boost) from someone else that SEES US right to core of our Magnificence (and Blueprint) – can alter our trajectory and guide us across our own Bridge.

Sometimes it is one KEY word or sentence that alters our internal algorithm.

*** When I ‘tune in’ it is not just a ‘typical reading’ – it is set up for Transformation and My Team and I hold a Frequency Healing space.


And let’s face it, sometimes when we are feeling stuck, uncentred, adrift and trapped in a situation, we can’t get out of our own way.

Or when we are in ‘creation mode’ but too close to the project, we can often have tunnel vision and blocking our own view !

Outsourcing for support, is a Gift we give to ourSelf, which often aids us to ‘unwrap’, and Reveal.


Even if you are an intuitive, healer or practitioner, wise woman, visionary and wayshower, here expressing your MAGIC like I am, it can be so beneficial to invest in outsourcing to see what hidden treasures and magic you may not be currently accessing, or having clarity on for yourself.

I have no shame in saying that I outsource for clarity now and then. I LOVE to have someone I trust with ‘Super-Powers’ and a super dooper toolbox,  to tune in, dig in and fossick.

And it can offer expedite through the swampy times, or assist a business/creative vision and dream.



So I am offering just 6 spots for all of my total email base Australia and Globally, to grab a spot in the next couple of weeks – so please do get in fast if you want 1.

AND I can fit you in this week – if you grab your spot in time 😊


60 minutes + Bonus 15 mins for Healing Transmission/Mentoring = 75 !!! with me

Via Zoom – link will be provided via email 24 hours prior

Investment is $333 AUD + the bonus 15 mins FREE = 75 mins (normally $375 for 60 mins)

Days Available : typically Tues-Wed-Thurs between 10.30 and 4pm  –  (Brisbane AEST)


After you Book : please communicate with me on dates/times promptly via email.

( If you use Bigpond – I can receive emails, but not send due to a weird tech issue with Bigpond. So you may communicate with me via FB Heart and Soul Transformations page messenger).

Always check your Junk Folder – in case an email wanders.

  • These are during the day time hours – for USA/CAN/NZ and Australia.
  • For UK/Europe – we will work in a suitable time for your ‘morning and my evening’.


Please Note :

*Sessions are not recorded, but you can take notes.

* 48 hours notice (weekdays) required for rescheduling or cancellation – no refunds offered.

If you cannot attend the Zoom session, I can record your session in mp3 format instead.

If you want to reschedule for a Zoom meet up – then it depends on my availability.


About Me :

I have been doing Intuitive tune ins, Soul Readings, BodyMind scans and Energy Medicine for over 22 years.

Whilst I am not much into being defined by labels,  for clarity purposes : I am Medically Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Channel, use all my Clairs, and have an amazing Team who assist. And I can access from the Source Field of all that is.

  • I cannot guarantee that deceased loved ones or pets will come through, but it is rare they don’t.


I look forward to shining my Light and Illuminating what is ready to be received.

Supporting you in the NOW, for your Magic !

Gratitude, Grace & Love

Vanessa S x

Terms and Conditions of Booking your spot

All Readings are intended for general guidance and support. Any additional Energy Medicine, Light Language Transmissions and Mentoring are not deemed as a substitute for Medical, Health, Psychological or Financial or Personal life advice. Please consult the relevant professional for your personal needs. You choose this booking with full acceptance, self-responsibility and awareness for your own choices and decisions for health and your lifes’ journey.

Please read my Website Terms and Conditions to reference full Disclaimer.