Suffering-Codex-Recalibration-BMSI Session + LL Transmission




Hi beautiful,

A few months ago my Light Team spoke to me about tuning into the SUFFERING CODEX that is still ‘plaguing’ the Collective, and playing out for each human in one way or another ( ie health, relationships, finances, relationship with Self and Soul). And the ‘timing’ of it being that we can shift more deeply through it and resolve this program further, to allow for a recalibration ( individually and Collectively ).   I was to go into ceremony, download and receive a healing process and Light Language encodements for others to assist in clearing more ‘gunk’ and ‘residue’ around the programming of Suffering.

I did not know when I would do this, just that the day would unfold in perfect order.  Today on the 12 of June, 2024, it all unfolded. And over the past 6 weeks I feel in some ways that I was personally clearing more, and in preparation to be able to channel this session/transmission for others. This is often the case, where I must move through some ancestral themes, some shadows and gunk of my own to make room for Light embodiment, and space to receive and assimilate the codes. And no, its not always easy and smooth sailing, it can sometimes feel like microi ‘dark night of the souls’ experiences, but its always so worth it when the magic unfolds.

And to say this feels like one of the deepest and most special and expansive sessions, is an understatement.   I am excited for you to receive this and be supported from your cells to your DNA, to your Souls evolution.

It doesn’t matter when you come across this offering, and when you listen to it because you will ‘receive’ beyond the limitations and constructs of time and space, when you press play and journey with it. That is the magic of my recorded frequency offerings.

Theme – Key Words – Just a few of the areas I was taken to ( but I don’t want to ruin the suprises)   : Suffering Codex Recalibration. New Octaves. Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis (HPA), Light Path, Subtle Bodies, potent tools/Rescources were gifted for support which you can receive and integrate….and so much more. This will Guide you on a deeply personal exploratory journey.

AND you get to listen to it more than once, and it can be a tool/ReSource you revisit regularly and go deeper.

Duration of Session is : 1 hour, 7 mins and 5 seconds. (You can listen to it in 2 parts if you feel that paces you better)

  • It is available simply by choosing the product, with immediate download for you.
  • You can listen to, and journey with this tool as many times as you like – but do allow for integration as explained in this one at the end.
  • You RECEIVE fully in the moment of listening, and opening up to the magic.

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Ready to Choose !

PS: The Frequency Art Creation used in the image for this digital product is a recent creation that is currently titled ‘ Unconditional Love ‘.

To me she exudes such a compassionate and deeply accepting and nurturing energy for all of humanity.  Something I am sure we all wish to have for ourself, and also for others who walk the Earth.

Zoom into the image and feel her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


Please keep in mind, that whilst ‘SUFFERING’ is a multi-layered theme and we are all individual Souls having our human experience,  I ‘set the intentions’ guided by my Team on this theme, recording the journey into a  ‘Light Container’ to support YOU.

  • You will receive what you most require from this ‘transformational tool’ at this time in your journey..


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Here’s to breaking-through more distortions, illusions and ‘stuff’, as well as reharmonising and downloading dynamic support and potentials from the Zero Point.

I am honoured to be a Light Guide for you, during this Healing and Transmission.

In Sacred Service

Vanessa Sumner


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