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Hello there Rainbow Heart,

In Service with my Divine Team of Frequency Friends, on the 9th of March 2024, without any expectation to the ‘what’, I sat to channel through a Healing and Meditation Transmission to Gift you.  I was expecting a 25-30 minute process, but it was layered and deep, and ended up being almost a full hour.  Without any expectation, I was told it was about ‘Returning to Grace’.

By listening – you Receive the Codes and Activations. It is experiential – because I wish you to become your own Quantum Physician.

This offering also contains some sound healing tones/song from me, as well as Light Language both spoken, and signed with my hands.

I am excited for you to journey with this powerful frequency upgrade and frequency technology experience !

If you would like Access to this NOW – simply choose it for FREE.

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  • Duration is 53 minutes, 7 seconds

Guess what ! : this ‘transformational tool’ is also suitable for children to listen to and receive


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(Note: you are welcome to SHARE this offering LINK to your friends and family, just get them to come to the website to complete the FREE transaction).

I am deLighted to channel this Gift for you.

PS : for your safety, it is important not be driving whilst listening to meditations and light language healings.

With Gratitude,

Vanessa Sumner


Image Credit : Vanessa Sumner

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