Hello beautiful,

How is your SLEEP?

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, one of the most common areas that clients are challenged with is SLEEP (especially women).

SLEEP is complex and there are SO MANY potential influencing factors at a BodyMind level, as to why your sleep might not be so great.

When I read clients ‘notes’ for their sessions, I often see this : SLEEP, insomnia, restlessness, exhaustion, overthinking/overwhelm, can’t get to sleep, wake up several times and can’t get back to sleep.

Or I feel ‘out of whack’, not myself, and not feeling joy or peace.

Sleep is so important for our cells, hormones, regeneration, cleansing, repair and energy production and ENERGY in general to go about our day.

For feeling calm, centred, and aligned.  To access joy, creativity, and feel more connected to our intuition.

Sleep can be out of whack for a myriad of reasons.

 Each persons’ life circumstances, stressors, ongoing stress, environment, medications, beliefs, level of nervous system regulation, healthcare and wellness routines are different.

We all navigate life stress, and we even if we eat well and go to bed a ‘so called’ healthy times – it doesn’t always guarantee deep regenerative sleep.

PLUS !!!

There are often influencing factors that have built up over years, if not decades.

Factors such as medications, unhealed injuries, accidents, structural/skeletal, traumas, surgeries, general anaesthetics ( chemical trauma, and the body thinks it is going to die when under GA, and this can have long term ramifications for health and wellness).  Also death and losses in the family, relationship endings, family stress, work stress, financial stress, chemicals and toxins, bacteria-virus-parasites-mould-fungus (pathogens), energy in and on the land we live upon, upgrades and light influxes, heart health, heart meridian flow, liver/gallbladder meridian happiness, digestive issues, food/stimulants, pain, inflammation, leaking energy, poor Wei Qi boundaries, being super sensitive to ‘everything’, unstabilised Light Body’s, poor hydration, liver toxicity, adrenal burnout and so forth. (and I take all of this into account, when I intuitively tuned in).

Certain meridians and their Qi flow will also relate to ‘sleep’ – or crappy sleep.

Your Lightbody Sacred Geometry may require reharmonising !

Distorted Beliefs ( and Collective gunk) may be contributing to how your body manages upgrades and energetic shifts, and restful sleep.

The LIST for potential WHYS as to a persons SLEEP – is extensive.

For several months now I have wanted to tune in and offer some support to you.

I have recorded a BodyMind and Soul Illumination session, with Intuitive Energy work, and Light Language healings and transmissions !

Duration is : 1hr, 25 mins, 14 seconds.

There is extensive information interwoven in this audio, so you get a greater depth of understanding at a medical/biochemical/cellular level when the Sessions is Downloaded to your Frequency. Its always so exciting to share this with you. Super Magical, and this ‘information’ goes into your sub-conscious and deeper to assist with the ‘shifts’.

Please note prior to choosing this digital health and wellness product

 Individual results and shifts may vary.

  • Depending on your own levels of health, stress, personal circumstances, how much time you spend on screens, medications and current wellness – so please be aware of this.
  • Some aspects of the session may help for one or more areas in your wellness, which then may lead to improved sleep.
  • It’s a process and there are many influencing factors as I mentioned above, so please be realistic in expectations, but also be very OPEN to the POTENTIALS.
  • You can listen and relisten/rejourney with this offering as often as you intuitively feel to
  • Light codes and formulas will continue to support
  • There is a specialised Sleep Template incorporated in this Session that has an extra MAGIC for you to support your BodyMind over longer periods ( YEAH )
  • The Download is automated, you will receive an email with the link. Please check junk folder.
  • If you have any tech issues please clear your cache and cookies or trial another browser prior to emailing me.
  • There are no refunds on digital products.
  • The MP3 is yours to download and keep as a forever tool.

*** It is not to be shared with others. If you have friend who would like to have this support please provide them the purchase link respecting my business, and my offering.


If you have any Qs prior to purchasing the recorded Session, please EMAIL ME : 

Note : I am unavailable from 11th to 20th of September 2023 to respond to emails.

Gratitude, Grace & Love

Vanessa S x