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Hi beautiful,

Have you been feeling some of your old rejection, outcast, who am I, suppressed, stuck, where do I belong (Unity) and maybe a little extra sensitive Self of late?

Maybe it is showing up as fatigue, lack of motivation, sluggish digestion, self sabotage, dehydration, crappy eating, irregular sleeping, headaches, a deep RESTLESSNESS, or feeling DENSE in your physical form, OR JUST PLAIN FED up with yourself and even others ?

Have you felt a rise in ANGER or even Rage?   This emotional energy is POWERFUL. It is about Movement + Expansion + Freedom + the RISE !

I know I had some recently that I could sense was ‘guiding me’ to excavate and ‘liberate’ from something deep inside.

And I wasn’t afraid to ROAR !

I did a session on myself, and was able to ‘sense’ another perspective that my Ancestors had passed down to me and was buried deep. I also was shown a special past life that related to my gifts and abilities.

I felt Lighter soon after, even though my physical needed more time to adjust, which is sometimes the case when we ‘move’ through a bigger situation.


In my latest MP3 recorded BodyMind and Soul Illumination Session – I tuned in to support these themes, offering guidance, mentoring, Light Language transmissions, and a full Energy Medicine Session with Frequency downloads for you to ‘balance in’ for yourself !

Duration of Session is : 1 hour, 28 mins and 17 seconds. (You can listen to it in 2 parts if you feel that paces you better)

  • It is available simply by choosing the product, with immediate download for you.
  • You can listen to, and journey with this tool as many times as you like.
  • You RECEIVE fully in the moment of listening, and opening up to the magic.

(Note: the purchase is for YOU and not to be shared, you can share the purchase link with others to choose for themselves. Thankyou for respecting and honouring my offerings in Service.)

Ready to Choose !

Or Read on for a deeper dive into some of these themes 😊

  • Rejection (self/others) and Suppression plays a huge role in our human experience – who hasn’t felt rejected, alone, dimmed or abandoned in some way !
  • Friendships, partners, and even parents can reject, neglect, dim and abandon us in our time of need, or provide us with a safe place to feel loved, nurtured and just BE all parts of our humanness.
  •  Our childhoods, ancestral baggage, and unresolved stuff from other lifetimes, leave us with looping stories, and ‘energetic’ scars of being unheard, unseen, unloved, and unworthy – especially WOMEN.
  • You know those feelings of ‘separation’, of not belonging, perhaps adrift from a deeper connection to the Source of all that is – to your own Intuition and Wisdom.
  • This can reflect in all areas of life, from relationships to business, to how we reject and neglect our own physical BodyMind.
  • We may Reject and not listen to the innate wisdom for our health, the signals of our Nervous Systems, or any system we have that keeps us alive.
  • We disconnect, we disassociate, SHUTDOWN and we abandon in ways we do not even realise – and we all do it.
  • Our Feminine – YIN energy has been suppressed and this came up in the session to support.
  • The lens/perception of Self, and Beingness can easily get trapped in cycles of feeling ‘diminished and distorted’, and this reflects in our body, and life.

+ If you have a sense you have had lifetimes as a Witch, Wise One, Healer – then this may support you address some unresolved stuff.

  • So, how can YOU  follow your Heart and the Magic of our Soul, when we have so much of this ‘clutter’ and ‘residue’?
  • How much more are you willing to carry from the Collective, as well as your Ancestors, and all the women who have been suppressed and been oppressed before you?
  • Being FED UP will give Rise to resolve and heal more of your own ‘baggage’.


Although I am sure that you have addressed these layers more than once ( as have I – inserts eye roll ) I am sensing in the Collective, we are being offered a greater expansion through this time.

A deeper initiation via the HeartSoul centre, to ‘render’ (specifically guided to use that word).


Please keep in mind, that whilst these are very multi-layered and deeply entrenched/entwined themes,  I ‘set the intentions’, then I tuned in to record a ‘Light Container’ of support for YOU.

  • You will receive what you most require from this ‘transformational tool’ at this time in your journey..


Note : Once you purchase, you will receive and EMAIL and immediate download. SAVE THEM 😊

Tech Support : it is all automated.

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  • You can add the file to your Bookmarks/Favourites on your phone (but its best saved on your PC + Save the Email which has the Link so you can refer back to it)
  • Please email me if you have any questions after following these steps   –

I cannot wait to hear how this supports your Rise !

Here’s to breaking-through more distortions, illusions and ‘stuff’, as well as reharmonising and downloading dynamic support and potentials from the Zero Point.

I am honoured to be a Light Guide for you, during this Event

With Gratitude,

Vanessa Sumner


Image Credit : Vanessa Sumner

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