REPAIR LACK – Remote BodyMind + Soul Session + LL Transmission


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Hello from my Heart to Yours,

You are here because you are Ready to Release, Repair and Recode a BodyMind storyline around Lack.

LACK is so much more than ‘lack of money, lack of support, lack of strength, or lack of clarity’.

The overarching LACK frequency can show up as lack of vitality, nutrient absorption, circulation, qi or praha, to lack of iron, other minerals or vitamins. To lack of intuition, courage, self connection, to lack of time, joy, freedom, love, self esteem or self compassion.

LACK is vast.  If we are made of SOURCE, then WE ALL have bio-available to us in each moment – ACCESS to ALL POTENTIALS.

Yet, why do we all experience so much LACK in various ways !  Well this led me to conduct a potent session, so that we could all have a ‘shift’ and ‘repair’ on this.

I have tuned in for a Collective Session to support this for you and WOW, I went deep into the Mind distortions, and what you will have access to from Source. This Frequency Tool is designed to help you unlock and release some stories and cellular patterns, that may assist your entire BodyMind and Frequency to Repair lack at multiple levels.

I invite you to Trust the Process and Receive.

There is also Channelled Messages and Guidance, and Light Language Transmissions from Me and My Team.

Duration of the Session is :  1hour 6 mins and 53 seconds.

Once you choose this digital product, everything is automated for ease.

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  • It is not to be shared or redistributed.

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And always check your Junk or Spam folder, as sometimes emails can wander.

With Gratitude,

Vanessa Sumner
Heart and Soul Transformations



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